How to align images so there is no “wasted space”

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    I’ve run up against another stumper which might or might not need to be written as tables…which I know zilch about! Say you’ve got a really long (vertically) image (which, come to think, in this case IS a table) that would be better if it had smaller images set alongside it to fill up that acre of white space on the right side… Then, on down the page are more ordinary sized images that might not need anything. How would I do this? Or is it possible to use the “two column” code?

    The blog I need help with is


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    You could make a table within a table, or you might use columns.

    Please be more specific, or even publish the images you want to organize. To be useful, you want code to be precise…

    (and while you are telling more details, please include a link to the site you are asking about)



    My Bad Again. =) Here’s the link and also the draft post–which is an easy way to give a clear idea of what I’m talking about:



    Oops, giving the permalink won’t do…I didn’t know that.

    OK, try this:

    [Link removed by Slik, Please refer to this reply why your link was removed]



    If you would like to link your username to your blog it’s easy to d and doing so will mean you don’t have to wait as long to get answers to the support questions you ask on this forum.

    Dashboard > Users -> Personal Settings-> then scroll down to ‘Account Details’. In the spot where it says ‘Website’ fill in the complete URL for your blog and save the changes.


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    I can’t see a post unless it is published! Volunteers don’t have access to your dashboard.



    OK, timethief, thanks for the advice, I didn’t know how to do that and have really been wanting to conveniently link up somehow, so that the url shows in each post.

    Sorry Tess, I can easily publish that page…



    Here you are…it’s quite messy, but a work in progress…


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    It’s getting toward bedtime, and if you don’t want to wait until tomorrow, you could take a look at this:
    (scroll down to the part about columns and tables)
    Play around with the code and come on back if you still need help.

    (and Panos won’t bite if you comment directly on his blog…)


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    rats, I should have refreshed before submitting

    Ok, so your table starts with “Thanks to All for the Kind Reviews
    and you want the image links to be placed to the right of that?


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    OK, This is straightforward:

    <table style="background-color:#HEX_NUMBER;" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="2" width="100%">
    <td width="20" align="left" valign="middle">LEFT_CONTENT</td>
    <td align="center" valign="middle">RIGHT_CONTENT</td>

    Choose a background color and paste the name or number where it says hex number.

    Paste your table where it says left content.

    Then where it says right content, add the pictures one by one with a return between each of them. You can use the visual editor (advanced mode) to add vertical distance between them if needed.

    You may need to adjust the sizes of your images.
    If the pictures you want below the table are centered, then just add them as normal.
    If you want more pictures per row below, then you might want to add rows to this table.



    It’s well past bedtime for me here, can barely tpye anymore

    YES, even without investigating till tomorrow…errrh, later today…I’m sure that what you pasted here will work ! I will also read the documentation on columns and tables…maybe it won’t be too scary… I can do columns, I’ve just never had any tables experience.

    I’ve tinkered with a good few themes and the current one has a somewhat shorter reading/viewing area than the last one I tried. Which means I might just have to place the remaining images into horizontal rows. But we shall see!



    Before thinking about tables:

    1) How did you create the post? What’s this bg image doing there?
    And what’s the link to http://(email redacted)/entry.html doing there?

    2) Why are the images uploaded to photobucket instead of your blog?

    3) One of them is deleted. The rest are 288, 200, 249,
    310, 238, 253, 338, 250, 231, 150, 117 px wide. Do you really want that?



    Pana, my whole plan has been to move an old and out-moded website over to WP to save myself some hassles with html and css validation, etc. since I know so little about either one…

    I recognize the “paper4.jpg,” I copied old html from old pages and that sort of came along for the ride, by mistake… That’s one of my BGs for the old site pages.

    The “entry.html” isn’t even correct, I was dithering about using a friend’s webspace but decided to stick with what I’ve been using for ages.

    Which begs a question, is it OK and kosher to have a ‘back’ link over to an ordinary online index or entry page? My WP blog is meant to be either a “library” section of my site, or else maybe contain the whole, I haven’t decided yet. But in any case, it would make life easier to put all text here.

    And, maybe, the Links page I’ve been working with shouldn’t even stay at WP, since it really isn’t part of the text (fiction, short stories, poetry, &c.) I should probably just keep that elsewhere. Now you mention the strange image sizes, I believe that page should be deleted completely from here.

    So you see, it’s kind of a mess right now, like remodeling a house…!


    The problem I am having is getting gallery images to link to a website rather than the image. Any advice?? Is there a gallery plug in I should be using?



    There is no FTP access to free blog from and being free hosted by blogs so we cannot upload plugins into them.

    Are you using the instructions here >

    See also


    I am working on a paid WordPress site that allows plugins… I had already viewed the information in your links. I am wanting the clean look of the gallery but I want each image to link to another website (outside of my blog)

    Maybe I should use a table instead?
    I would need one with 3 columns, 3 rows…


    Nevermind. I used a table and it worked great =)



    I kinda gave up on the problems I described earlier (geez, that post sounds like it was written a year ago!), opting instead for keeping my WP site as text-only. It’ll save me some headaches and hair pulling…and from hints I’ve gotten around the forum, some teeth grinding on the part of a few readers as well… My current personal motto: Keep It Simple, Stupid!

    But, if I were still trying to do what I spoke of before, I’d keep a table on its own page and other related images on a different page…

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