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How to allow capital letters in usernames?

  1. What sort of code does one need to insert or change in order to allow capital letters in user names? Currently, the default setup seems to not allow spaces or capital letters.


  2. You cannot change your username but you can change the display name to a nickname.

    Change Display Name (Nickname)
    1. Log into
    2. Change the value next to Display name publicly as under Basic Details
    3. Click Update Profile.

    See here >

  3. The question isn't how to change the display name or what is seen publicly. Those are basic features.

    The question is how to allow capital letters in the USERNAME? You know, the name that we use to register and sign-in with?

  4. I'm sorry but I do not believe there is a way to capitalize letters in usernames.

  5. TT is correct. There is no way to use capitals in the usernames here, and you cannot edit or modify the existing username.

  6. What a bummer. I was hoping to be able to allow users to use capital letters and spaces, like on some of the more well done wordpress sites ( for instance).

    I plan on finding a way to disable the ability for users to display their name as something other than username. There's too much confusion involved with users being able to change their names as they please.

  7. There's no way to disable the "nickname" functionality at You may want to investigate instead.

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