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    Hi Friends,
    I have this website:

    I want that when the user registers on the website,he should be allowed to post a blog. So, from the admin panel, i set that “new users should be assigned the role of “AUTHOR”,but still when the new user signs up,he is a normal user and cannot submit blog unless i go into the admin interface and change his status to “AUTHOR”.

    Can someone please tell me how to fix this???




    There’s two very slight problems with your request:

    1. This support forum is for use by hosted blogs only. You are not hosted at

    2. Is the software you are using wordpress? I had a quick look and it really doesn’t look like it. You need to be at the support forum for your software. If it is actually wordpress then you need to be asking at



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    Definitely in the wrong forum. On a hunch, I figured there’d be a “generator” meta tag. I was right:

    <meta name="Generator" content="Joomla! - Copyright (C) 2005 - 2006 Open Source Matters. All rights reserved." />

    So.. you need to go to the Joomla support forum.



    ok guys .. sorrie if this was the wrong place to post…but i thought the admin panel and the options are the same as long as the backend is wordpress.

    The site is developed using Joomla CMS and the wordpress is integrated into it using “jd-wordpress” extension. The sad part is the creator of that extension is not supporting it anymore. I already posted it there but got no response so I thought of askin the wordpress guys as the admin options are the same.

    anyways, no issues…i will try to sort it out…thanks for your time.


    Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, either way you look at it, this forum is for hosted sites (no extensions, custom themes, etc). is where you can get support for what you’re doing.

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