how to allow public edits while protecting against vandalism or spamming?

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    I’m completely new to blogging and just discovered wordpress a week ago, but I am truly impressed by its capabilities and I already love it.
    Is there any way I can allow all viewers to edit pages but without deleting the previous versions of the page, thus allowing easy reverts in case of vandalism or spamming? I know the “anyone can register” option to allow for public editing works in the self-hosted version of wordpress (I could do that), but can I reverse the edits? I read that wiki software like MediaWiki can do that but I’m not familiar with it and I already love wordpress and would like to stick with it, besides reversing edits sounds so easy compared to other features here that I would imagine that it’s already possible. Any suggestions?



    I’m sorry to say that there are some really bad actors in cyber space just as there are everywhere else in our socities the world over. So perhaps if you think in terms of your own safety and security you may develop an insight by reading my remarks below.

    The thought of allowing ALL VIEWERS to edit one’s blog and change your words and inject whatever they choose could open your blog to some pretty horrific scenarios. A less than honourable viewer might like for example inject advertising, spam, profanity, pornography, and or very disturbing images into the text. This kind of “openness” could turn your blog into a playground for the disturbed and dysfunctional.

    Perhaps what you’re really intending is to establish a limited users group and allow them to edit but that’s not really clear in your question.

    If you examine your blog -> dashboard -> users then you can see from the options there what is possible in terms of defining user roles and functions.

    Those with the role of administrator have the broadest scope of power to delete inappropriate material or to prevent it from being posted by moderating comments.

    Also when it comes to viewers leaving comments you can examine your blog -> dashboard -> options -> discussion and see from the options there what is possible in terms of moderating comments before they are posted as well.

    Best wishes for happy and safe blogging.:)



    thanks for your comments timethief, now if I do establish a limited users group and allow them to edit, is there any way I can undo their edits if necessary? or to view/approve their edits before publishing?



    Mex, you’re thinking of a Wiki. A blog is not a wiki and is something completely different.



    I agree, it sounds like you want to run a Wiki and not a blog. WordPress isn’t the right software for what you are trying to do.



    This was also my first instinct too, and in fact the blogger did refer to a wiki in the first post but I thought it was appropriate to indicate what was possible with wordpress, and be welcoming, rather than just saying “a blog is not a wiki”. If you think my approach when it comes to answering forum questions is wrong then please send me an email and I will entertain any advice you’d like to send me. :)
    edit: drmike already has my email address and engtech as you seem to be tailgating every post here on the forum you could use (email redacted) to share your opinions with me if you feel so compelled.

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