how to apply date and time to posts and pages?

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    I have seen some documentation regarding using php codes to add date and time dynamic info to posts. I have also seen that Pages do not support date and time. Is that true?

    How can I display date and time on a desktop wordpress site the way that it appears as a widget graphic in the mobile versions of wordpress blogs? Do I have to use PHP codes and if so, how? I’ve tried but each time I preview the changes, the php codes and divs disappear. What am I doing wrong in the wordpress dashboard editor?


    Date/time was taken off pages here at since pages are for static material where dates typically have no meaning, such as an about page. There are a few themes here that display times in addition to the date on posts

    Script is not allowed here for security reasons and we cannot edit the underlying theme PHP script files since this is a multi-user platform meaning we all share the same wordpress core and theme files.

    Check out this post by Panos that lists which themes show times in the post metadata.

    You can add a widget to the sidebar to show your local time if you wish. See the posts here.



    If you want to apply a time stamp to posts in a theme that does not usually include the time, I posted here about how to do that:

    I use the Coraline, which does not usually include the time with the date stamp, but by changing the date format, I was able to add the time. If I change themes to a theme that includes the time, I’ll have to remove it, or it will double-post the time.


    Oh wow, slick trick!!! Tip of the hat to you @mmadfan.



    Thanks! Occasionally I get a nice “light bulb moment.”

    Hope you’re well on the Big Island!


    You are welcome, and yes, I’m doing well here in the middle of the Pacific.



    Many Thanks guys. I have looked over some of the links and I will try out the suggestions to see what I can use and what will work for my intentions to blog with t/d stamps. I think the calendars are pretty cool too.

    I had reached out to support initially but found that they are away at the moment. You guys filled in nicely. So I guess the codes in my book on WordPress are outdated and I would best be off to look for current information in a websearch engine.



    PHP modifications can be used with self-hosted wordpress installations, but not here, so your book isn’t outdated, it’s just that most of the books focus on the self-hosted software rather than what we can do here.

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