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How to apply 'excerpt' on a non-Hemingway front page?

  1. typingisnotactivism

    Hello --> sorry to ask what is likely a sucky question, but i haven't founf any previous response that answers it. My posts ( are lengthy, and i would prefer that the front page posts were, say, 8 lines followed by a 'read more' link to the full piece. This is one of the best aspects of Hemingway, but that particular theme largely doesn't do it for me otherwise. How can i get 'excerpt' mode or similar happening on my front page? Thanks for any help on this q.

  2. typingisnotactivism

    duh!! think i just figured it. my apple orgies 2 u.

  3. Wait, what was the answer?

  4. lol

    Contact typingisnotactivism for the solution.

  5. @engagemn
    The Hemingway theme is hardcoded to produce excerpts only on the front page. The Fadtasic theme is code to display the full text of only the most recent post on the front page. It's followed thereafter by only linked titles to the other posts. On other themes you can use the more tag to truncate long posts.

    N.B. The most recent 10 posts are recognized as your front page.

  6. And because there is no 'home' on Hemmingway how does one get back home...ahahaahah I do re-call asking support to put a button or text on the Hemmingway but it never happened.

  7. Clicking the blog title on any page returns you to the front page, in other words, to "home".

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