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    Hi, I’m making a webpage about myself, and I want to arrange my site, so that I have maps that say ex Curriculum Vitae and then make underpages ex. education and workexperience. How do I do that? I can see, that you can make categories, but I can’t figue out how.



    The easiest way is probably just to create a page parent; that is, write a page called Curriculum Vitae in your editor and publish it, then go and create two other pages. One of the boxes on the side of the editor is called Page Parent; if you set Curriculum Vitae as the parent, the other two pages should appear under it in the Pages Widget.

    If you mean you want to do that with posts as well, you’ll need to set a parent category; you can do that in Dashboard > Manage > Categories and choosing which categories you want to set under a parent.

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