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How to attract visitors with a .com site?

  1. I had brought a .com domain an hour ago, although I do not see a raise in my visitor stats, why is that. Is there anything I can do to increase visits? Because as I know that .com domains are attracting more than blogs, right?

  2. For starters we need the .com domain name you are talking about as well as the base WordPress.COM blog the name is being applied to to give you accurate advice.

  3. It can take as long as 72 hours for a domain name change to progatae throughout the internet, We have no control on when your ISP choose to flush their DNS cache.

    Asking why you do not see an increase in stats simply beciuse you purchased domian name is a strong indicator that you aren't aware that it's the content that attracts readers, not a domain name change.

  4. But normally search engines show up websites more often than blogs, right?

    What is ISP and dns cache?

  5. But normally search engines show up websites more often than blogs, right?

    No, to Google a site is a site is a site and blogs are sites.

    What is ISP and dns cache?

    Use Google search to find out:
    Internet service provider.
    DNS cache
    A DNS cache is a small database maintained by a computer's operating system. The database contains records of all recently accessed Internet domains.

  6. So what can I do to have more visitors?

    Also, what is the advantage of having a .com domain?

    Thank you for your information as they are quite helpful.

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