How to Back Up Blog?

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    I’ve already lost multiple years worth of blog entries when my archives got lost from another site that pretty much crashed. Is there a tool or a way to back up wordpress blogs? Any help is appreciated.



    WordPress does back-ups regularly and there are things you can do yourself.
    (1) subscribe to your own rss feeds
    (2) use an offline blog editor like BlogDesk or Windows Live Writer and you will alywas have back-up copies of your published posts
    (3) export periodically -> Manage -> Export

    From the FAQs



    All the blogs here at are backed up on a regular basis. I am not sure how often, but more than 1 time a day. I would feel pretty secure on that one. Not too mention, our blogs are across “many” servers to make sure that if one crashes, many more are still online.

    As for an offsite backup, as long as you don’t do it too often (because of server strain and we are asked not too), you can use the Admin => Manage => Export to download a copy of your authors, comments, pages and posts.



    I used to use BlogCollector but it doesn’t support Linux. Any ideas? I lost a post by accidentally deleting it and was able to recreate but would like to ensure the whole thing is actually backed up in a way that allows me to retrieve it.



    Write in your favorite text editor (kedit or gedit or emacs or *shudder* vi or a host of others) and copy/paste into the editor? When I’ve had really long posts I’ve done that before. I tried out Bleezer as an offline blog client. I haven’t found one I like as well as BlogDesk, but that’s Windows only.

    Subscribe to your RSS feed?

    Use an online service like BlogBackUp Online (

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