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how to back up my chunk theme blog

  1. theasianfashionjournal


    I'd like to back up my chunk theme blog and am stuck! You tube videos are saying to add a plugin and I can't even find the plugin on my dashboard!



    The blog I need help with is

  2. Plugins are only for self-hosted blogs, not for blogs, so that doesn't apply here.

    To back up your blog (though it doesn't back up the theme, just the content), go to your blog's dashboard, then on the left, click on 'tools' and then on 'Export'. With Export you can save a coded file of your blog's contents to your own computer then should you want to put the contents on a new blog, you just use Tools again on the new blog and import it.

  3. theasianfashionjournal

    Ok, is there a way I can set it up so the blog gets backed up automatically every day? Or do I have to keep exporting th code?

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