How to be showcased?

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    I asked my blog tp be showcased for the Crisp theme and got a refusal. Ok, I’ll cope. But I’d like to know:
    1. Who decides (is it a several persons collective decision)
    2. On which criterias do WordPress base itself to decide for the showcase or not?
    I think it would be logical that decisions are made by a mini-group of people as for point 1 – As for point 2, I hope the number of visits is not as important as the content. I might not have kitten pictures to share (that make hits, story quality I won’t comment), but I have a landing a plane in the african desert story (not many hits, story quite unusual). So I wonder about the critaerias.
    Thank you and a good day to all,
    Marc Bestgen, 48 y/o pilot into photography

    The blog I need help with is




    If that’s not what you are referring to and if you mean the Theme Showcase I believe the answer is much the same. I think the Themes Staff and theme designers may choose which blogs to feature and don’t share the criteria, so the whole thing does not turn into a competitive and distracting gong show with bloggers arguing over which blogs are featured.



    I refered to the Theme showcase indeed, and will wait for someone to tell me criterias, thank you anyway for the link.


    timethief is exactly right about who manages the theme showcase as well as the criteria. The main difference is that there’s a bigger emphasis on design when it comes to the Theme Showcase compared to Freshly Pressed (which is the one with more of an emphasis on writing). If you take a look at the showcase page for Crisp, you’ll see some great examples there.

    The number of visits is not as important as the content—in addition to quality content, small details and design are very important too. Quality conversations in the comments and things like visits, folllowers, and likes are all indicators of a well-liked blog with a good audience and those are the kinds of blogs that we’re looking for as the best examples of themes. They are not the only factors. If a blog doesn’t have a big following but stands above the rest of the featured blogs as an excellent example of good design with high quality writing, it would still be considered. Not every blog will make it into the list though, and there are no guarantees and no exact formula you can follow to get listed.

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