How to become one of “Top Posts from around”?

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    my question is how to become one of the “Top Posts from around”? based on the comments? or pageview? or hits?

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    Based on my experience, it’s pageviews during a certain time. i.e., many posts spread during a full day won’t get you there (but I may be wrong, this is purely based on observation)



    Providing good content equals many visitors and people that comment and link to your blog.

    Provide the content and they will come.

    But frankly, who cares who, or whether their own blog is among the “Top Posts from around”?



    My own experience has always been that the more obsessed bloggers are with SEO, hits and rankings, the duller their content is. And dull content generally — though by no means always — leads to few visitors. It’s ironic (in an Alanis Morissette sense, of course)



    I know I’ve been here for about two months or so, and not much of peep on my blog. Not a big deal. It is very theraputic to me. And I’ll keep doing it. It is my first stint into the blogosphere. Who knows, maybe several years down the line someone will finally drop by and like what they see. Maybe. Until then, I’ll jst keep writing. Surf’s up, mates.



    I hit it once with about 290 visits within a single day. Just so you can have a reference.



    Welcome back, drmike. Hope you weren’t sick this time….



    I’m a contributor on someone’s blog while she’s on vacation and I linked back to something on my site here. And then BAM, I had one of the top posts on WordPress. She gets more traffic than I do.



    I held the top post position for over 24 hours once. It was for an article I wrote for my friend’s blog. We had about 7,000 hits in 25 hours. It took us till the end of the 24 hour period to get ranked up there, though, so I’m guessing that the formula is something like “mosts page views in the last 24 hours” or something similar.



    I am finding this weird- no matter how many visits my first post gets, it is the one that appears on the top posts from around wordpress. I check my stats and pageviews, it is nowhere to be seen in the top list. And, I know some of my articles have a lot of views coming from the search engines.
    Does anybody have any idea on why it would appear like that?



    Top posts is based one the age of the post, and how many page views it’s received in a 24 hour period since midnight GMT (7 PM EST).

    If you can write something and get 200-500 page views in the first 24 hours it’s up then you’ll be a top post.

    and wank is entirely on point here:

    My own experience has always been that the more obsessed bloggers are with SEO, hits and rankings, the duller their content is.

    The only stat anyone should pay attention to is returning readers. You can kind of see that with your RSS stats — but not everyone uses RSS so you don’t really have a good way of measuring it.



    It’s my understand that the system only looks at posts made within teh last 30 days. Staff seems to be rather secret about how they determine rankings. I had a hot post in there with about 150 -200 views recently.



    another data point, I’m at #11 on a one week old post that has seen 2800 hits since 12am GMT.




    Hey engtech you’re now at number
    4 //engtech
    The Joy of Techs — high tech tips, how-tos and tech news for programmers and bloggers



    Getting to the top list has a lot to do with the subject. If the post is techy and its out there to help people, well it gets there to the top. I guess some sensational ones do too, like on sex. Also there are some glamorous people with a lot of charm and wit who attract a huge audience.
    Overall however one has to build it up slowly. I thought I would never get into the list, but once I did. I got there because I wrote something topical before anyone else did. It was just chance as I was going away on a week end and so I worked overtime on my blog late at night When I checked a day later from this holiday resort I got a shock when I found that I got over 2000 hits on that post! I have never been able to replicate that, though once I almost did.
    It was all a matter of hard work, timing and writing about the right thing.
    However that day brought me new visitors and some of them have become regular readers. I guess that is why my traffic has increased since then. I used to get about 200-500 hits a day before that post and now I get 600-1000.
    I guess its peanuts for many but I am happy. It happened in a most unexpected way.



    Any tips for building attention to your blog?

    I have it in my signature on a few forums, but anything else?



    Search the forum here for terms like Hits Popular Promotion, etc. There are at least five major threads on the subject, with some good tips.



    With the majority of the top 100 they are there because a bigger site is linking to them or they are writing about a very popular search term and ranking well for it.

    Attention is (relatively) easy to get for short term bursts, but much harder to keep in the long term. Having people who regularly read your blog is a much bigger boon.



    >>drmike Moderator
    >>March 12th, 2006 at 6:56 pm
    >>I hit it once with about 290 visits within a single day. Just so you can have a reference.

    I can’t get onto the listing with 5000 in a day.

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