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How to become one of "Top Posts from around"?

  1. macroartinnature

    I wish that we could have a top or hot list, ... such as a top list for "political" blogs, one for those "techies", one for "photoblogs", ... etc., ... but I know that this would be a PITA for the WP gurus to put together.

    Just mouthing off some stuff!

  2. Wouldn't work. How would you divide the blogs up? Mine covers many topics. Would I be forced to only be listed in one category or would I get special treatment and multilisted?

  3. Heck no matter what system is developed there will always be the gamers. And, setting aside the top blogs and posts on wordpress, the way these top blogger awards currently operating in the blogosphere are set up work is the gaming model:

    (1) you can nominate your own blog and vote for it too;
    (2) you can get all your blogging friends, family members and readers to do the same (block voting);
    (3) you and your blogging friends, family members and readers can agree to target a single blog from your block voting group and give it lots of hits on a particular day;
    (5) voila! you can then give that blogger an award, thereby demonstrating the principle that those with the biggest block voting blogging army backing them are always "winners" [:Q... gag me]

  4. I actually wrote an entry on this, Timethief--

    Its basically led me to the idea that Web 2.0 sucks. Its mostly people scrabbling for page views, which leads to money. If you could replace that with anonymous blogs and altruistic entries, a lot of the shit would simply vanish.

  5. Somehow Everyone in the world want to be an achiever and the world of bloggers is no exception. If You take a Scoccer player, Winning the world cup might be his ultimate destination so is the Bloggers on WordPress aim to have either their post or blog in the Top slot. However, One should wonder why we make assumptions and all kinda math on how the wordpress arrive at these stats when they do want to maintain their secrecy. To me, Any Award or a recognition make sense only when I know the ground rules. I play a game only when I completely understand the groudn rules of it unless otherwise I do not even think about it. Bloggers should actually feel appreciative of themselves in a way contributing to the world of digital media, their thoughts and research helping millions of people coming to net for their resources needs. This itself is a big achievement for a blogger. Anyways, I do not make any suggestions as to stop thinking on the math behind Top Blogs/Top Posts. Happy Blogging!!

  6. @starlingmoniker
    Good post! Here's the link to the one I wrote
    WordPress top blogs aren't on my screen

  7. Thanks to You Timethief! Your views are perfectly logical. Any calculation based on some math what the programmer think is right doesn't make sense to be on TOP. Whther Your blog or post is Top can be determined by the subject matter of the posts, how useful they are to readers and so on. Many bloggers use unethical techniques of multiple tagging to unrelevant tags to create vast penetration. Number of clicks doesn't bring logic when compared to the number of right clicks (Right clicks meaning post read by people of same interest and find some use out of it). Or Even if someone post some porn material and attract huge readers, It might actually go to a top post category. Based on these perceptions, One shouldn't care about a Top Post or a Top Blog. When I look at The featured post is sitting there for the past 3 months without any logical sense. I'm very sure If I ask the same question to our WP guys, I'm very sure they defend it saying some confusing math to us. If I've a friend who bother about going to a Top Post category, I'd tell him, Don't care about it!!

  8. @hromanager

    >>>When I look at The
    >>>featured post is sitting there for the past 3 months without any logical sense

    Yeah, well, featured post is mucho broken in my category as well.

  9. Web 1.0 was all about pageviews as well, because it's a human invention. Anything advertising or popularity driven will always want to quantify and compete on the basis of the numbers. After all, it's impossible to measure "how much people love me" so we turn to things like clicks instead.

  10. You are True Raincoaster...However If You take, WP always tell we guys it doesn't entertain any ads at all on their blogs. So, Number of clicks doesn't make sense for those bloggers on Afterall, Blogs on can be categorised as Non-Profit Blogs. In a way, Indirectly, WP tells its bloggers to apply quality to the blogs rather than quantity. Quantity brings you higher clicks (keyword optimization). However, WP again uses number of clicks as one parameter for Top posts / Top Blogs. This is somewhat in contrast to their own policy which is for them to look into. As You admit, Its impossible to determine quality of each blog based on type of content and how useful it is, at the same time, it is also not so logical to determine the blogs based on Number of clicks which ultimately takes away the sanity of those recognitions like Top posts / Blogs.

  11. WordPress actually is partially advertising-driven. itself has google adsense on some of our blogs.

    And people will always compete for popularity anyway: that's just how people are.

    There are a lot of people who scoff at such measures and such tendencies; it's probably more restful for them if, instead of requesting that popularity tools be altered to measure something other than popularity, they apply themselves to developing an impartial measure of quality. The best suggestion I have is to make an arbitrary listing and reviews.

  12. The Blogs of the Day (BOTD) internals are a trade secret. Plus, I have so much fun reading your hypotheses and I would hate to ruin the fun!

    I can let you in on a few things, though. BOTD does not use your blog stats; it has its own counting mechanism. The lists are regenerated every hour from the last 24 hours of data.

    The featured post (Blog of the Minute [BOTM]) is usually the #1 post in whatever language you have selected, but we have a way of overriding that whenever we find something worthy of notice.

    You can see the rank of a post in the list by hovering over it or viewing the source.

    At some point we started sending pingbacks to all of the top posts in the Unfiltered list as it stands at midnight UTC.

    BOTD used to be powered by a installation but it is now a regular blog. (You might have noticed when the admin bar started to appear there a few weeks ago.)

    Hmm, what other beans can I spill? I think that's enough for this year. ;-)

  13. You forgot the most important bit: Can it be bribed, and if so, what kind of BBQ sauce is preferred?

  14. BOTD used to be powered by a installation but it is now a regular blog.

    So I'm not the only one who uses that trick. :)

  15. whiteashkestral

    We are new to this and and do not get out on line too much but if this is okay maybe ya perhaps ya are able to tell me , sence ya live in Austin, if you know A Bob Brown from Beaumont TX just curious ! we are in the North East area Blessed be whiteashK

  16. Uh, no. No-one here can help you. Asking to track individuals is not okay in the technical help forum.

  17. Not the right place LPG. You need to be posting in this thread:

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