How to block a follower

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    I have someone who has made a blog specifically to follow me,
    They are very unsettling but as I have worked hard on my blog and have had some good results with it (great followers and lovely comments etc) I don’t want to have to shut down everything I’ve been working on because someone persists in being a creep.

    I read that I can block followers, in fact when I look at whose following me it says ‘People who have not confirmed or who have blocked following will not appear.’ But I’m unsure how to find the ‘block’ button again – I swear I saw it once! Hmmm.

    Any help you could give me would be great, though it looks like I’ll have to pack up and move my blog, which actually kinda upsets me, even if it is ‘just a blog’.



    You have not provided a link to your site, but by your description you appear to be hosted on Having said that the following applies only to a site.

    You cannot block someone from following a public blog. The only way to stop someone from following you, i.e. subscribing, is to make your blog Private and then invite only users you choose. See here:

    However, you do have total control over who can post a comment on your site and that includes holding all comments for moderation and if need be, deletion. See here and here

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