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How to block abusive stalkers?

  1. abusive stalking

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It is not possible to block someone from viewing a Public site.

    First of all you can change your site visibility settings to Private. Everyone who is following you will be immediately disconnected from receiving notifications of your posts and you will have to invite viewers to see your Private site.

    If changing your site's privacy settings to Private is not what you want to do, you do have the ability to moderate each and every comment submitted on your site. You of course decide which comments will be posted or not. and

    If this does not answer your question, please let us know.

  3. Hello,
    It's not that I want to block anyone viewing, just keep this one, doncharisma x

    from having access to my site where he is a persistent annoyance. Is this possible do you think?


  4. No, I stated this at the beginning of my reply above. It is not possible to block a person from a Public site.

  5. Ok, maybe I am not so clear. The distinction is between being able to view a public site - I have no opinion on this - and having the ability to interact and and add content onto my public site, specifically "liking" entries, so showing up there as a way of making a problem.



  6. No way to block "Likes" but you don't have to display them. You can disable "Likes" under Settings>Sharing.

    Sorry for no better news.

  7. Thanks, I will try to disable "likes", (which I never liked anyway). What about where this person's icon shown up on "notifications", any way to edit/stop that.



  8. Did you read the links Jennifer gave you above? there is a reference to blacklists in it - send comments to spam

  9. Hi,
    Yes, I had gone over that material before hand and instigated my own personal blacklist though it seemed to me more directed at spam in the classical sense and comments.



  10. It works for anything you want to dump into spam for any reason, it has been used by many people with followers like you have,

    I have seen references on a couple of blogs that tell everyone to play by certain rules or they will be blacklisted which can also keep people and their web sites from ever being mentioned on a web site, even if someone makes a comment about the blacklisted person

  11. I'm hopeful the combination of measures suggested here and which I have implemented will improve things. So far so good.


  12. Good luck

    I have seen a time or two where a person got a friend to moderate the comments for a while and to delete any abusive ones just in case one got through

  13. If the person is leaving abusive comments on your site, not just Likes, then I would recommend to add them to your permanent moderation list and then delete that person's comments. If you wish to report them for abusive comments you can do so by visiting their site and reporting them for abuse.

    Once it crosses over to Likes, then things get a little less clear. While you can prevent the display of "Likes" on your site, you cannot prevent a person from "liking" your post/page. They will still show up in your notifications area and also by email if you've enabled it.

    But I'm not sure what abuse/stalking is being done here if all they are doing it liking your posts. Yes, there are people who "game" likes, but other than being annoying, there's not much that can be done about it.

    We've all been subject to spam likes, and my recommendation of turning off the display seems to deter people from "liking" a post because they're not getting the "reward" of having their Gravatar profile appear on the page.

    It's not the best, but unfortunately it's the only way we have at the moment to deal with them. We used to be able to report such users on Gravatar, but cannot any longer.

  14. Sure, "stalking" and "abusive" are subjective qualifications making it difficult to respond to at an institutional level and I can recognize the effort made at addressing these rouges from that standpoint and so for now I will make no bigger issue of it always pushing for greater and greater control from my end of things. I would even suggest a blacklist with the broadest possible repercussions for offenders. Thanks for pointing out the option of shutting off the likes altogether Jennifer.



  15. I'd like to register my disapproval of the current solutions to this problem, given the amount of multi-level-marketing "likes" scattered at blogs randomly. The response that you can't block people from following a public blog isn't quite good enough. The reason I say this is that they are not merely accessing the blog or showing a liking for it - if I understand correctly, their gravitar or other presence is a click-through to potentially disreputable (very often illegal) marketing scams...perhaps not even hosted on their WP blog, but linked to it from there. It seems perfectly reasonable to give bloggers the ability to decline "likes", just as we can moderate comments.

  16. P.S. Sorry, I was getting a bit mixed up there - the option to pick and choose followers is different from the ability to pick and choose likes. I'll have to learn a bit more about what's possible and what concerns me. But at this stage I still feel that I should have as much control as possible over my blog, what gets added to it, especially the links from it, which other people can create even in my absence, whether it is public or not (in fact, because it is public). Cheers.

  17. I'd like to manage my followers list by keeping it up to date so I can have some confidence in the numbers of actual followers reflected in my site stats. In fact lots of us feel the same way you do however we have been through this with Staff in lengthy threads without success.

    Did you know that your account has always been a account? You don’t have to be a WordPress user or blogger to register gravatar and it’s simple and free to do so.

  18. I'm with you on this all the way, but for now checking out of the "likes" program and this blacklist have helped so I'm going to proceed with those two things in place and for the rest, I'll be checking out for now.



  19. If the behaviour actually is abusive stalking, it's a matter for law enforcement. Give it to them. If it's not, then it's a matter either for marking as Spam or blacklisting.

  20. It's interesting that I should stumble across this discussion.

    My father is/was a carpenter by trade and I have an interest in Woodworking, tools, and axes, from him. I've tried my hand at quite a few woodworking projects alone and with my father including anything from hand carved items to building timber frame houses. I enjoy working with wood, although I wouldn't say I'm "highly skilled" like Ernest Dubious, my focus ended up being more in the computing arena.

    I don't talk about woodworking on my blog, because I simply haven't done any for years and it's not what I'm presently concentrating on.

    I have liked several articles on, because I found them enlightening and interesting. I don't always have time to make long detailed comments on other people's blogs, so often just leave a like, as do many people that visit and follow my blogs, that's normal?

    For some reason, out of the blue, the blog owner contacted me to request I remove my following from his blog. He didn't give any substantial reason why, nor did he state that I was annoying him (or that he thought I was "stalking" him). I contacted him almost immediately and have removed my following as he requested.

    His comment wasn't exactly friendly or what I'd expect in the community. Nor have I ever been asked to unfollow someone's blog before. Seems to be quite odd behaviour really, for someone in our community, which I've found to be incredibly positive and friendly.

    To be described as a "persistent annoyance" or "abusive stalker" is hardly appropriate or reasonable and could be construed as misrepresentation, or worse. I don't at present want to pursue the matter further, as I don't think the blog owner is acting in bad faith. If he doesn't like me for whatever reason, then no problem, it's not a problem for me.

    In fact from what I've read here, it seems more a matter of ignorance in controlling how he wants likes and comments managed on the part of the blog owner, that I've inadvertently been blamed for and I can't really stay annoyed about that. We're all learning all the time after all.

    So, I am happy to un-like any articles on the workingwithaxes blog if that is what the owner wishes, and happy not to have anything to do with his blog again. I would request that you remove my IP address from this public article, it's not really good etiquette to publish it in the first place. I have not published his email address or IP address either, and have no intention of doing so.

    If possible please could you send me a complete list of links so that I can go through the un-liking process, I don't want to leave anything out and want to correct "the issue" for him fully.

    I am sorry for any inconvenience, but as I've explained, I acted in good faith with a genuine interest in liking his blog and content there. I like being part of the WordPress community and blogging here, I enjoy helping people and sharing what I'm knowledgeable about, and have made many friends. So I don't enjoy having my name and reputation needlessly publicly tarnished like this, nor really enjoy finding out about it by accident on a google search.


    Don Charisma

  21. aopinionatedman

    Don't worry Don. It is just new bloggers that don't understand how a blog works or how to manage one.

  22. I've spoken to a few friends about this. Our conclusion - fabrication of untruths in order to try to defame me, by a LONE MISINFORMED TROLL, actually has put me in a good light boosting my reputation. Anyone that knows me, knows that accusing me of being a persistent annoyance or abusive stalker, is just laughable, I’m quite the opposite. Nice try Ernest, but sorry my friend, an utter failure. Thanks for giving us a good laugh:)

    In reality, I'm far too busy enjoying myself blogging to be causing annoyance for others, it's just such a ridiculous suggestion I can hardly believe it, nor can my friends.

    I have worked very hard to produce positive, interesting content on my blog, which has been viewed and liked by thousands of people. A WordPress blogger said this about my blog yesterday - "Smart, inventive, bold, timely, compassionate, and very helpful.". Another said - "I would describe it as a blog that has something for everyone. Very innovative. The blog has style! "

    I'm a positive influence on WordPress and in my life, to my friends and loved ones. People that treat me with respect get respect back. In contrast, a troll who'll make stuff up to try to bully me publicly, will find that I will stand up for myself. Trolls and other negative people will never make me give up on my dreams, as I posted here recently -

    It's a great community here, just awesome, so don't let the spammers and the trolls get you down!

    Happy blogging :)


    Don Charisma & Don Charisma

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