How to block followers?

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    Hi there!

    Some spam email address started following me by email. This makes me very uncomfortable. How do I get rid of this horrid thing, person, whatever it is?

    It gives me the creeps!

    Thanks in advance for directing me.

    Mabel Amber



    Short version:
    You can’t block or delete followers. Either make the blog private or accept that reality because there is no means of blocking anyone on the internet from access any public blog and submitting comments if and when comments are open.

    Long version:
    We cannot block or delete subscribers from public blogs. Anyone and everyone can access public blogs and that’s indeed what the public designation means. However, please read this about public blogs that become private blogs > Blog Privacy and Subscribers >

    Note that you have complete control over everything that’s posted to your blog via comment moderation

    For trolls, you can “blacklist” them at Settings > Discussion toward the bottom of that page. Enter their email address, their username, and if they included it, their website URL. That will automatically send them to moderation so that their comments do not appear on the blog. Do note though that if they are determined, they can use a different email address or username to get around that.

    Also, do not put their IP address in the blacklist. IP addresses are no longer unique, and you might end up blocking legitimate visitors. In fact for over a decade only about 30% of us have IPs that trace back to any individual computer. Also, all they would have to do is go to a wi-fi hot spot, or connect via a different ISP and they could get around that.



    Hang on – I just found the answer on the Net — timethief informs that we cannot block or remove followers, neither blogs nor email followers.

    Sigh, I was afraid of that. Oh well, let’s hope they crawl back into the woodwork at some stage.

    (I had checked out the crazy email address at a site which identifies email addresses as spam addresses, if they are.)



    Hello timethief, our posts crossed. Thanks for info!



    You’re welcome.

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