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How to blog something you read directly to your blog

  1. I am trying to find a way to reblog articles that I have read. Something that works like a Facebook or Twiiter share button.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. there is no such option
    but wordpress provide an app called "press this' that can be bookmarked on your browser
    whenever you want to copy a post just click press this and your article will be copied directly.

  3. @cmalloneeblog
    Here at we have features you can use.
    For reblogging see:
    instructions here >
    For Press this see:

    As an update to our ever-popular Tweet embedding functionality we’re supporting Twitter’s new embed API to enable richer, better looking, and more functional Tweets inside your blog posts. To embed a Tweet just put a permalink to it on its own line or use our new shortcode that allows for extra formatting. from:
    Twitter balckbirdpie instructions

  4. @shlokinani
    Here at we do not lack experienced Volunteers who can provide high quality answers. Unless or until you can do that IMHO it's in everyone's best interest that you lurk rather than posting incomplete answers.

    Will you please consider lurking here for a few months, becoming very closely acquainted with all support documentation, becoming adept at searching support documentation, forum searches, searches and Google searches before you post answers into forum threads? I'm asking this respectfully as I keep locating threads with your incomplete and/or incorrect answers and having to correct them. Thanks, in advance, for listening.

  5. thik he

  6. *thik he
    means 'OK'

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