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    I’m trying to buy credits in order to purchase domain mapping, but I cannot find out the best way to do so. I haven’t found a link anywhere to help me buy the exact number of credits that I would like.

    Clandestine Chic

    The blog I need help with is


    When doing the domain mapping, after the URL you want to use is available, or one that you have already registered is OK, then you will be asked to make a payment and given a link.

    This support document covers domain mapping: .


    Mr. WordPress, I am highly disappointed in you for telling me lies. You said if I paid $1.95 I would get free blogging. I did by giving my account information. What you did then was to draw all my money and even over drew by taking the huge sum of $89. It is terrible. Please if this is in error, do correct before the bank closses my account that has been on for over a decade.
    Please help me, I am begging you.
    Thanks. Constance Iloh.


    Thank you for your help. I’ve tried to do that and this is the message that I’ve gotten:

    Domain mapping is available for 9.97 credits per domain per year, registration not included. You have 0 credits. You will have to purchase additional credits via PayPal. Note that some forms of payment (eChecks) may take several days to process.

    We were unable to verify that is pointing to If you own this domain, follow the directions below to get it ready for your blog. If you don’t own it, try a different name to see if something else is available. If the domain is available, you may be able to register it with another registrar and then map it to your blog.
    How to fix it

    Using the DNS tools provided by your domain registrar, remove any existing nameservers and add the following:


    So my question is, I didn’t want to point my domain to my blog, I wanted my blog to be pointed to my new domain. Do I have to do that first and then switch it back over? There was still no link to buy credits on that page or nowhere that I was asked to pay.



    OK, then what you want is a redirect of you .COM blog to your .ORG blog. That is different. This support document covers a trick that can be used with the domain mapping upgrade to do that: .


    That is exactly it. Thank you! The thing is, I still can’t find a link of where exactly I can buy credits for the domain mapping upgrade. I just keep getting instructions of what to how to do it which is fine, but nothing as far as how to pay for it or a link to paypal to pay for this service.

    Thanks again!


    You will be presented with a link at the appropriate point in the process of doing the trick. Just start the process and when wordpress has verified things, you will be instructed to make a payment and you will be provided with a link to do so.

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