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How to cahnge URL/Site name?

  1. I've looked on google and your forums but it hasn't showed up with anything. I want to replace the "largles" With another word for my URL, but 'm having trouble figuring out how to, HELP!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Do you want to change to or

  3. Haha, not 'whatever' but yes, I want it to be or something along the lines of that

  4. To change the URL you will have to create a new blog under your current account, with the URL you want. Then you will export the contents from the first blog and import it into the second blog. Then to keep the search engines from seeing duplicate content, turn all the posts in the first blog into private or back into draft posts, select the second option (block search engines) under settings privacy and make one last post on that blog telling people you have moved and giving them a link to the new blog.

  5. It will also not have the www part of the URL. blogs don't have it; it's obsolete

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