How to cancel domain and get a refund?

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    I no longer use as I have since moved to Unbeknownst to me, I was automatically charged for renewing my domain. I would like to cancel this domain and be reimbursed. Unfortunately, however, I cannot figure out how to do so. Thank you for your help. I would like to figure this out as soon as possible.
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    The blog I need help with is



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    P.S. You can disable auto-renew of your domain mapping.
    Dashboard > Store > My Upgrades > Disable auto-renew



    Thank you. I have disabled it so that it will no longer renew in the future. However, I still need to cancel the current renewal and receive reimbursement for it. If a staff member could help me, that’d be very much appreciated. Thanks again.



    As I said above this thread has been flagged for Staff assitance. Please be patient while waiting.



    If we cancel the domain, it can take up to several weeks, and we can’t guarantee that your domain will be available to you again once canceled.

    If you want to keep using your domain but you don’t want to use anymore, you don’t have to cancel it.

    Instead, you can move the domain to another site, using the Domain Administration tool under Store > Domains, at the bottom of the page.

    If you don’t want this domain at all, you can cancel it for a full refund if you purchased it within the last two days.

    To cancel the domain, go to Store > Domains in your dashboard. Locate the domain you want to cancel in the list, and click on the Cancel button next to it.

    This cannot be undone, so please follow the on-screen instructions carefully before you confirm the cancellation.

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