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HOW TO CANCEL WordPress import file

  1. HOW TO CANCEL WordPress import file to not being processed for update account !!! ? NEED FAST ANSWER...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Are you trying to import an export file from WordPress into ?
    I'm not seeing any import process that can be canceled at the moment.

    Please specify the blog URL as well as which import method you are using, and staff can cancel it for you.

    I have successfuly uploaded by WordPress method, and no need to procces it, just delete.

  4. Do you mean you need to delete everything that has been imported?
    If so, you can manually delete posts/pages/comments using bulk edit:

    Alternatively, we can empty the blog for you if you contact us using this form:

  5. ok forget it,
    how do I delete "Parent" categories,


    and I need to delete "beach wallpapers" , "landscape wallpapers" , "test" .


    to remove, how to do

  7. Go to your Dashboard->Categories and tick off the categories you wish to delete. Then under Bulk Actions, choose Delete.

  8. all 5 categories, visible 2 categories, how to remove remaining 3 categories ?

    please see photo

    This can be done by the moderator or myself can?

  9. They do not appear on your blog or in your Category widget. It would appear that you have already deleted them; if not, it would appear that they aren't applied on your blog, so they are no longer a problem. Perhaps you have a caching issue, so do the Cookie Dance: log out, clear browser cache and cookies, restart computer.

  10. all 5 categories, visible 2 categories, how to remove remaining 3 categories ?

    please see photo

    This can be done by the moderator or myself can?

  11. Did you read my response already? Did you follow the instructions? If so, what was the result?

  12. Raincoaster,
    His problem seems to be that they are appearing as options in his parent dropdown though they were deleted see his attached screenshot). I would think that the first thing to try would be deleting the browser cache.

  13. (Just realised I should have said his or her problem. Sorry for my sexist presumption)

  14. these categories are not deleted , 2 categories appear, 3 categories not appear.

  15. Try clearing your browser cache just in case. If that doesn't work I don't know. You could contact support at but its worth persevering here because they can take anything from an hour to three days to answer!

  16. But that's what I SAID: the Cookie Dance, which includes a browser cache clear.

    If the categories never go away, it doesn't really matter, as they're not showing on the screen.

  17. Sorry, I looked back and yes you did!

  18. no, no cookies problem,

  19. the categories there, when i go to them i get :
    Something has gone wrong with our servers. It’s probably Matt’s fault.

    We’ve just been notified of the problem.

    Hopefully this should be fixed ASAP, so kindly reload in a minute and things should be back to normal.

  20. I have a similar "problem" on one of my blogs: there are three categories listed in the post category module which do not appear on the list of categories. I can assign posts to those phantom categories and they appear in the category widget. But because they are not in the list of categories, there is no way to delete them.

    It's been that way for a year—not a blog I use much…

  21. @summerwallpaers and Tess
    Have you reported this issue to Staff?

  22. Yes reported.
    If not indexed it is not so scary,
    Thank you naokomc, 1tess, timethief for your understanding.

  23. @summerwallpapers
    You're welcome and I'm sure Staff will respond to your support ticket just as soon as it comes up in their queue. Best wishes for a happy ending. :)

  24. Thank you, thank you very much a "Staff" Team at .

  25. Big thanks to Hew S. and Mike.

  26. Issue resolved by Staff - Yay!

  27. Issue resolved by Moderators.

  28. Thanks to !

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