How to categorize when posting from the website …not the admin panel.

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    Is it possible to categorize a new post as a user of the website and without having to go to the admin panel to do so?

    I have set up categories as menu pages across the top of the website.
    ( is the website address but as it’s set to private I don’t think anyone will be able to see it unless invited).

    I’m using the free theme ‘Matala’ (not sure if this has any affect on the ability to categorize)
    Basically I just want the users to be able to add the post they make to existing categories as they type the post. As a user if I go to the website and I click on the “new post” link at the top of the page (assuming all users will have this) then it slides the top of the page down to reveal an area for posting with the option to post an item as text, photo, video, quote or link.
    When I click to post text I can see the text editor but there is no option to select a category. Does this mean that the only way to categorize posts is to do it after the post has been published? Is it any different if I were to use

    The blog I need help with is


    So you are looking to have other people post things to your site?

    Firstly, the new post button on your admin bar, only shows up to you, because you are able to post things to the site. Other regular users, who you set up to view the site, will not have this. And when I had a quick look at the button in my own blog, it seems that you can’t add categories directly, and you would have to edit the posts and add them in (though I really suggest you use Dashboard -> Posts -> New Post, since that is the preferred method, and it’s more reliable, especially for a large post). Not sure why this is the case to be honest.

    Secondly, to get new users to be able to post content, inviting them to view the blog won’t let them do that. You’ll need to add them as a User, and make them a Contributor, Author or Editor (or Administrator, but really only you should be that). Each of those roles are able to write new posts, but have different restrictions. A contributor can only write a post, but you have to publish it. An author can only edit and publish their own posts. And an editor can edit/publish anyone’s posts. I’m guessing you might want to make them Authors.

    Once you make them an Author, they’ll be able to post new content themselves. I believe they can do it through that new post button at the top, but they’ll have access to the Dashboard as well, where they can post through Posts -> New Posts (they won’t have access to editing the appearance of the blog, etc).

    Honestly is going to be much more complicated than all this, and people won’t have an admin bar, so I think it’s best to stick with (But still here are the differences:

    If you have any questions since the above is a lot of information, please feel free to ask them here.

    Here’s how to add users:
    Here’s the description of the User Roles:



    That’s very helpful. I didn’t realize that users would not be able to post. What exactly is a user for then?
    Can they merely reply to posts?

    Anyhow the website is only a temporary thing and I’m hoping we’ll be able to use it for communication on a private project, which is why it’s set to private.

    Thanks for your help.
    I’ll probably stick with then.


    Since you have a private blog, you have to add users so they can actually see the blog. Once they’ve been added, they can comment on your posts if they choose, and they can ‘like’ it as well. But they need extra privileges to be able to post, so if you want them to post ideas for the project, they’ll need to be made an Author (which is actually just as easy as giving them normal user privilege, just Users -> Invite New)

    No worries, glad I could help.

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