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How to center text on a page or post?

  1. I've looked through the WP tips by Pano but have not found the answer to this one. Tried <center> even though I suppose that is obsolete. Didn't help, so I guess it is!

    IMO there should be an option in the visual editor for us to do this easily...


    The blog I need help with is

  2. <center> never would work.

    Just compose your text widgets as draft Posts, and then click to the HTML editor and copy all the code. Paste it into the text widget. When you've confirmed it's right, delete the draft post.

  3. Coding here:

    But there is "an option in the visual editor": row 1, button 8.

  4. D-o-hh!! I knew I had seen something at one time in the Tips section, thanks much for directing me back to it.

    Row 1, button 8... there it is, how did I miss that?

    Thank you, we'll see what happens, I should be OK now. :)

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