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How to center title?

  1. How do I center my title?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You will need the custom design upgrade to edit the css on your blog.

  3. CSS is not necessary.
    Edit the title with spaces until it looks centered. You can use this entity on your tagline as well.
    Dashboard—>settings—>general—>add non-breaking spaces—>save
    Here is how to write a non-breaking space: & nbsp ;
    (but write it without the spaces I added so the code shows up here)

    You'll have to experiment with how many spaces you'll need.

  4. @1tess, that would work, but would it look OK on smaller screens? Just haven't seen that solution before.

  5. It seems to work when you slide the view window to simulate a small screen. My phone is a "dumb phone" so can't test it in real life on that theme (comet).

    I think if a theme is responsive, and the titles responds to various screen sizes, adding the entity for nbsp will work the same as for the text of the title.

  6. Thanks. I will try it. You would think it shouldn't be so hard to simply center the title above one of my poems.

  7. I should correct myself. Comet is not a responsive theme. My test blog was set to Able, not Comet.

    I was assuming you wanted the main title of your blog centered. This trick also works for post and page titles, though.

    If the title of your poem is part of the post content, then you can simply format that part of the text to be centered.

  8. On iPhone WordPress loads a mobile theme. You are right it isn't responsive so that trick would work.

    The best way would be to center with the css. Extra spaces eventually lead to weirdness in my experience.

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