How to centre align headings of widgets?

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    Is there a way to centre align the headings of widgets. Either text or any other? I have already tried just putting the usual code for it on but with no luck…

    The blog I need help with is



    It can’t be done without a firm knowledge of CSS and the CSS upgrade. Some themes do it automatically, though, so you could look for one and just switch for free.



    Could you list a few of them that might do that, I’m not sure if my interent can take anymore. :-) (It’s going really slow). The one thing that I must have on my theme though is two columns, but list a few that aren’t anyway. I might like the new style.


    Just go to appearance > themes and use the preview function. I doubt anyone here has cataloged which themes center the widget titles.



    Good point, it’s just my internet is really slow lately. :-( Takes about a whole minute to load one preview. Oh Well!




    In the preview of all two column themes (I have a three column at the moment), on the ONE sidebar it only shows the default widgets? If I activated it, would it come up with all my widgets on the sidebar, would they be deleted, or would they be in the customized widgets thing?



    1) Most themes have the widget titles left-aligned. I can’t give a definitive answer, but maybe the only ones with centered titles are Connections and DePo.

    2) If you switch to a theme with a different design, you’ll initially get its default sidebar items, and you’ll be able to reactivate your original widgets by dragging them from Inactive to Sidebar. But it’s a good precaution to back-up the content of text widgets, just in case.



    I think I have backed them up before, but I can’t really remember how to. Would you be able to give me a few instructions?


    Just open them, copy whole content, paste in a simple text editing application (such as Notepad, for PCs, or TextEdit, for Macs) – or in the html editor of a draft post.

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