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How to change background color back to original colors of the theme?

  1. I changed the background color in the Motion theme but don't like it and want the original colors from the theme. I can't seem to get them back to original? I changed to another theme then back to "Motion" theme and it's still the same background color I changed it to.
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  2. I am seeing a normal display of the Motion theme and assume you have resloved this. If you are not seeing a normal display try clearing your browser cache and cookies.

  3. @TT: That's not the default display of Motion.

    @MAT: Go to Appearance > Background, click "Clear" next to the Background Color field, click Save Changes.

  4. I believed I wasseeing the same thing I see in Themes Showcase. I apologize if I was wrong.

  5. Thank you @justpi, that fixed it for me. Much appreciated! Thank you @timethief for your input as well.

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