How to change blog Gravatar?

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    I’ve uploaded a personal avatar and a blog avatar.

    Would like to change the blog avatar, have not been able to find the way.

    Can someone point me to the page and section for replacing that image?

    The blog I need help with is


    You should be able to change the blavatar as it is called in Setting -> , General there will be an option to upload a blog picture/icon.





    Staff have linked a step by step tutorial to the bottom of your admin page at I recommend using it as it’s helpful.

    Every username account is also a gravatar account and there is only one gravatar for each username account.

    See here please:

    Note: Gravatar images are cached and frequently take several days to display after a change. The first place they tend to display is here in the forums. Don’t keep uploading or the time for displaying will move forward. If several days have passed and that change is not in evidence then post here for Gravatar support >

    Be sure you have selected your display preferences for gravatars and worked through all options here > Settings > Discussion from “Avatar Display __ Show Avatars ” all the way to the end of the page and then click “save changes”.


    Muchos mahalo again. I saw the Learn WordPress feature. I just need to take it slowly to absorb all the new information.

    We all have different learning styles, and mine is to learn by doing rather than reading.

    I come along much faster and in a more relaxed way if I can ask for specific pointers when I cannot find it myself by exploring and testing.

    Not as an excuse, but I am recovering from doing the 3rd factory default restore and subsequent rebuilding on my laptop in 2 weeks.

    The PC is stable now, I am still getting settled. So I am slower than usual on things like tackling the learning center.

    But, it is a great resource when I am at that stage. By the way, today is my first focus on the blog and it has been great fun.



    I also learn by doing so over seven years ago when there was only one Support Staff and one forum and one thread of FAQs I
    learned by figuring out things on my own, more or less, with a little help from friends. Now we have extension support documentation here Search utilities that work very well. And we have the step by step tutorials. The result is that most bloggers never post to the support forums at all. Happy blogging!


    Hi timethief,

    Tutorials and well-working search utilities certainly give an assist.

    My means will still be to explore and test on my own first, as that is part of the joy of self-made discovery.

    When I get stuck in the middle of something and want to move ahead, I go to the Search to see if someone else has asked a similar question. If I don’t find my answer there, I ask on the forum.

    To me, the forums are not just about one person having a need and others pitching in their time and experience to help them out. There is a gift to the giver in the giving, and everyone can benefit. I enjoy having a little interaction around the support forums and will also pitch in when I have something to offer.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am not offended in any way. But, just to have clarity in myself, since you wrote that ‘most bloggers never post to the support forums at all,’ does the community consider it bad form to do so?

    Happy blogging (and being) to you, too.

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