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How to change blog title colour in Mistylook?

  1. I already have my blog title in my custom header image so want to remove the blog title that automatically appears above the header image. I'm sure I should be able to achieve this by making the title the same colour as the background rendering it invisible since in the Mistylook theme under Presentation > Custom Image Header it states...

    "This is your header image. You can change the text color or upload and crop a new image."

    However, there appears to be only the facility to upload a new header image and none to change the text color. My blog is at Any ideas how I can make the blog title invisible?

  2. Hi, there. I used Misty for a long time and never noticed the color change option but I see it is mentioned...with no way to do it, as you said.

    This could easily be done with the CSS upgrade if that's something you're interested in. You can play in the CSS editor for free and use the preview function to see how it works but you won't be able to save your changes. Here's more on the upgrade:

  3. Hi Ellaella, I've considered the CSS upgrade but I'd like to avoid it as apart from the title outside the image Misty look is exactly perfect for me. Seems a bit of a unnecessary daily expense for so small a thing. I noticed a couple of other themes do offer the ability to remove the title or change its color for free but they really aren't to my taste. I'm hoping someone may have worked out if its possible with Mistylook.

  4. I understand, although I love playing with CSS. I hope someone has a solution for you, but I think that color change line might be a mis-print. Misty is a great theme; have you discovered its wonderful contact page? Not all themes have them.

  5. I didn't know about the contact page, thanks for the tip, I'll check it out. You're probably right about it being a missprint, but just to make sure as a last resort I'll post a message to Sadish, the author of Mistylook to see what he says.

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