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How to change colour of text on a text widget?

  1. Hi. I have a blog ( and am looking to add a text widget on the right sidebar. I have done it, but I want the text to be the same red as the links etc. At the moment the text on the widget is black. Can anyone help me with this?

    P.S. I'm using the Andreas theme.

  2. Is it the next game widget? You can either hand code it or put the text in the editor, as if you were writing a post, and use the text color icon to change it. Then just copy and paste back into the widget.

    BTW, there is no www in your url. It's simply

  3. Ok thanks for your advice.

  4. Sorry, but does anyone know what the code or name of the red in Andreas's theme? Thanks again.

  5. I think it is color:#606060


    is a nice color code resource. (its the reference that the vodpod widget uses)

  7. I think he was trying to match the color already in the theme. I pulled that out of the css

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