how to change domain name from .ca to .com

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    Hi, I’m trying to change my site’s domain name from to I do own both domains (.ca and .com).

    Right now the site using the .ca domain, and when I enter the .com site address, it automatically redirects me back to Is there a way to change it from .ca to .com?

    and is it possible to change from (email redacted) to (email redacted)?

    Thank you!
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    If you’d like to map your domain to, there are two steps:

    1) Update the name servers for to point to WordPress:

    Please read the heads-up here before you do this, since this will affect any emails on the domain you may already be using:

    2) Purchase domain mapping for under Store > Domains.

    Enter in the text box and follow the instructions from there. Please note that since we don’t provide email hosting, you’ll need to set up email separately with a third-party email provider:

    It looks like your domain mapping is pointing to a different site than the one above –, not If you no longer want the domain mapped to any sites, just let me know and I can either cancel it, or change the mapping to instead. If you opt to go the second route, we should only make the switch once you get your name servers and email sorted out, following the above instructions.

    Just let me know how you’d like to proceed.


    thank you, and one more question, where do I find my FTP credentials, I’m not sure what’s my hostname and FTP username and password. How do I get the staff to email those info to me?




    Hi there, there are no FTP credentials with sites, because you never need to interact with the server directly. Only self-hosted sites have FTP access. To learn more about the difference between and, feel free to have look at this:


    I’m all confused by the .com and .org thing, so is there a way I can switch over to a self-hosted site so that I can have access to FTP? How do I setup a site?

    all I’m trying to do is to upload my html website onto wordpress, is that possible? I have my site made in dreamweaver.



    Here is some information about for those who are new to it:

    all I’m trying to do is to upload my html website onto wordpress, is that possible? I have my site made in dreamweaver.

    You can’t simply upload a static site made in Dreamweaver to WordPress since WordPress is a database-driven content-management system that needs its files in a special format, with certain specific code on them. Those files form what’s called the “theme.” If you’d like to learn how to convert your site into a WordPress theme, it’s possible to do – here’s a starting point about WordPress theme development:

    Or, you can use one of the many ready-made WordPress themes and adapt it to your liking.

    If you have further questions about, please feel free to explore or ask for help in the support forums over there:

    Good luck!


    can you cancel the mapping so that doesn’t get automatically redirected to again as what it is doing now? so that they can each point to a different site

    thank you!



    It looks like the forwarding of to is not coming from a domain-mapping upgrade, but instead from a setting at your end, perhaps through a forwarding service offered by your domain registrar. I suggest starting off by logging into your domain registrar’s control panel and seeing if you have some forwarding set up there. Here are that domain’s current settings:

    Domain Name:
    Registrar: WEBNAMES.CA INC
    Whois Server:
    Referral URL:
    Name Server:
    Name Server:
    Name Server:

    Let me know how it goes.



    My apologies – it looks like my own reply had been inadvertently flagged as spam and wasn’t published. Sorry for any confusion.


    I want my blog to map to only, not I don’t want the url redirection. Is it something that I should change from my domain host, or is it something that you can do to cancel it for me?

    I’ve already done step 1, changing the name servers for to point to WordPress.


    I’ll look into that, thank you.



    The instructions I initially gave far above under your original post were to map to your site, which I now understand is not what you’re trying to do.

    You’ll need to log into your domain registrar to deactivate any domain forwarding that may be set up there, which is pointing to

    Let me know how it goes.

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