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How to change font?

  1. I'm new to WordPress and need help in changing and enlarging the font used in my posts. How do I do that?

    Thank you.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. But you'd better forget "enlarging the font", since visitors won't necesssarily see what you see: it depends on screen resolution, plus all browsers have a zoom-in function.

  3. Hello.
    I am also new here, and am trying to change the font of the title. I have tried this typekit and now it worst than before. Everything is in caps lock and I am just getting crazy trying to undo what I did. Could somebody help me,please?
    Thank you.

  4. @trintaoumais

    The styling of titles is built into your theme: we can't change it (maybe with CSS upgrade but you must have knowledge before you buy).

    Settings —> General —> type your blog title as you like —> Save

    You can add no-break space code to move the title to the right or add extra spaces between words. #nbsp;
    You can use or tags

  5. i am new for this, i am trying my best to change font. can anybody tell how to change font. Pls

  6. I believe that the WordPress Advanced Editor has a dropdown list of fonts. Besides that and TypeKit, you'll need the CSS upgrade.

  7. What is this WordPress Advanced Editor??? There is no drop down list of fonts.

    The fonts are built into the theme. They can be changed using html manually or by using (paid) CSS.

    Here is info about html and fonts:

  8. @Tess: Advanced people have advanced beliefs.

    (Check another one.)

  9. Yes. I was only getting annoyed.
    Sometimes a blurry header indicates blurry thinking.

  10. At least he's got the spelling right this time...

  11. wrighte

  12. @1tess
    Sorry, I was thinking about the Kitchen Sink, and the list of headings. About the comments, I was thinking about some themes - I go back and forth across both forums.

    You can always change the font in a post by pitting your text inside a div, like this:
    <div style="font-family: Calibri;"><p>Insert Text Here</p></div>

    Just replace Calibri with the font you want - but doing it that way, you can't use any custom fonts.

  13. (1) We now have three options for changing fonts. We have always been able to switch to the HTML editor and do what's described here

    (2) We can use TypeKit fonts as well now althoigh some people have had trouble using it not all have

    (3) The third way is to purchase a CSS upgrade and change font's throughout the entire blog. This upgrade is only recommended to those who have experience with CSS editing as there is not Staff support for it and we are expected to be able to work independently when editing CSS.

  14. That being said IMO it makes no sense to bother changing only the font size, for as Panos mentioned above we can all change the same in our browsers and we have varying screen resolutions

  15. @wpadvanced
    Hi, then.

    Really, I meant no offense, but I do get annoyed when someone consistently answers questions in these forums with mistaken information.

    As volunteers we can only try our best, and we all sometimes make mistakes.

    I did realize after some while that you were talking about the button labeled paragraph on the "kitchen sink" second layer of buttons in the visual editor. Yes, the "headings" will make text different sizes. But "headings" are not quite the same as making text larger:

    In your example above, you mention: font-family: Calibri
    but font-family designation is a bit more complicated. If a reader does not have a specific font installed on his / her computer, the browser will determine which font is displayed. There are a very limited number of fonts (in English/Western languages) which are common for most operating systems/computers:
    as explained here:
    (explained elsewhere as well).

    As you see there, Calibi is not one of them. right?

  16. Hello, I'm new WP user.
    How can I change the font, the size and the colour of my blog title?

    Thank you for help

  17. Those aspects of the titles are not configurable without a solid knowledge of CSS and the paid CSS upgrade. You can just find a theme where you like the look better for free, though.

  18. Thank you a lot!!! I'm new too and i dont know how to change the font in my post cause i type Vietnamese and the old font become very terrible... T_T Then I saw your helps and now it's become better and better ^^ Thank uuu !!!!!

  19. I didn't read all the way to the bottom, but it appears as though one cannot merely change the type of font. I understand the size and color can be changed and the font changes accordingly with the theme. However, I find it odd that there is no easy way to change the font. What am I missing?

  20. @christinaferd
    You haven't missed anything. I supplied the thee means we have for font changes on blogs above. We all find it odd that we don't have an editor in wordpress that provides the ability to click buttons and change font styles, colors and sizes, as well as changing background colors. Sadly, this is our reality.

  21. I'm sorry, and anyone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but why a site specifically dedicated to WRITING would not have simple font and size boxes baffles me.

  22. My guess is they want people to write right away, and not have to worry about the finer details. They don't want WP to turn into some of those other sites (you know the ones, glitter banners, stories about unicorns, every word a new font). It is meant to be more professional. Also, just think of it in terms of real life writers; they never get to choose their font.

  23. Yep, exactly.

    Writing is not graphic design. I write for a living and don't really give a rat's ass what font it comes out in, although before I became a professional it seemed to matter very, very much. is designed to be extremely secure and easy to use to blog; it is NOT designed to be easy to change the looks of, because that's not blogging; that's web design. If you wish to play with web design, this platform is not your best bet.

  24. I see, thanks for the info

  25. @ "If you wish to play with web design, this platform is not your best bet." What do you suggest if I want to do more than simply change fonts and have more control over the visual but not create a complicated website? Thanks for any recommendations...

  26. @pstone5
    I posted the 3 ways that can be used to change font sizes, styles and colors on blogs here >

    There are no other alternatives. If you wish to have complete control over a template and hack it to suit you can get a free software install from wordpress.ORg and hire a web host for $5 - $7 monthly and go for it. Whatever changes you make will affect only your own blog.

  27. @pstone5
    Here are the differences between wordpress.COM free hosted blogs and wordpress.ORG software installs >

  28. @timethief...Thanks so much...very helpful!

  29. The differences are significant. I know that because I have both and IMO it's important to comprehend what those differences are immediately upon arrival here. It can be extremely frustrating to find them out a bit at a time only to recognize one has wasted days and even weeks that could have been productively spent it only the differences have bee clarified up front. You're welcome. :)

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