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How to change font size?

  1. lindsaydgraham

    I have to agree with svbkeller that WordPress, on my limited experience thus far, is one of the least intuitive programs I've come across in a long time. But let me ask one simple question:
    Font sizes of text in a blog seem to change arbitrarily (or at least I can't figure out why). How then do I change the font size of some text in a paragraph to make it the same size as the rest of the text in that paragraph?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please give us a link to a place where this is happening on your blog. There could be a number of causes, but if we can't examine it, we can only guess blindly.

  3. Can you access our blog? If so, have a look at the para about 4th from the end that starts "We reached the art, work." Almost all of the last sentence of that para is in a smaller font -- how can we change it to the same size as the rest of the para?

  4. that blog is empty.

  5. lindsaydgraham

    Sorry, it was still Private at that stage. We've now made it Password Protected with password "firstblog". But we've been fiddling with it, so the query above is no longer applicable. Now look about 3/4 of the way through the blog, and you'll see 3 paras where the font size is smaller than all the other paras. How do we change the font size for those 3 paras?

  6. that site is still empty. Give me a direct link to the post you are talking about.

  7. Are you able to get into this blog yet?

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