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    Hi there,

    I am new to WordPress; just moved over from Blogger. I am using the Pressrow theme. I have purchased the “upgrade” option. But I still can’t seem to figure out how to change my font style or size.

    Can someone point me in the right direction.

    With thanks!

    The blog I need help with is


    You bought the CSS upgrade?


    I see you have the CSS upgrade. What fonts/sizes are you wanting to change.

    On an unrelated note, with all your photos hosted at photobucket, I would suggest cutting down on the number of posts shown on your blog pages (settings > reading). With an image intensive site, and the photos hosted off-site, load times even with my 5mb connection speed are quite significant.



    Thanks for the quick response!

    I would like to change the font style and size of the body of the posts. I would like it to be Georgia 1.5em.

    Thanks for the tip about reducing number of posts shown per page. I have made the change to 5 posts per page. Does that help?


    Yes, the change did make a big difference.

    The font family is declared under ” body “

    The font size for the posts is declared under ” .post, .page, .attachment “

    One other change I would suggest is to go to settings > writing and select “WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically” and then click “save changes.” That should keep most HTML errors from sneaking in on you and causing problems.


    By chance if you are using Firefox as your browser, and you are going to be messing with CSS, I would suggest downloading and installing the Firebug add-on. It allows you to quickly identify what parts of the CSS control what on the page, and also allows you to try changes on the fly. If you download and install it, take a half-hour or so to get to know it and you will wonder how you ever got along without it.



    Gosh – thanks so very much for this helpful input. For a novice it is invaluable (as basic as it might be to the pros).

    Here’s another question – how do I reduce the spacing between the lines. It looks to me like it is set at about 1.5 as opposed to single spaced.

    I will definitely be trying out the Firebug!



    ah, wait – could it be the “line-height” in the same part of the code? Yea, I know, slow learner, but getting there!



    Shoot, since making the above changes one of my widgets is no longer displaying correctly. I had a rotating photograph that would appear in my top right side bar. Now you can see part of the photo border but nothing else. How could this have been affected by the above changes?


    The website that does you rotating image was taken down by the web host to scan for malicious code on that site and the URL you have in the text widget redirects to here:

    The font change had nothing to do with it. I would be really suspect of that site. If the web host is investigating it for malicious code, and you happen to use an image from there that introduces malicious code here, then wordpress could delete your blog without warning. They take a very dim view of malicious code and have zero tolerance. My suggestion is to IMMEDIATELY remove that text widget from your blog.

    The line height is also under ” .post, .page, .attachment ”



    Wow – thanks for the heads up.


    You’re welcome. It’s sad that there are people like that out there, but that is the reality of the internet.



    Yea, scary. I hope they come out smelling roses so I can keep hosting my pictures there for the nifty little rotating slide show a friend designed for me to show off some travel pics. But the problem she said is that wordpress doesn’t allow plug-ins and so apparently without a plugin or access to the HTML, I cannot generate random images without having someplace that can both host the PHP code to call the image, and the images themselves. So, putting them on photobucket didn’t work. Thus, this other site seemed a solution.

    Would you have any other suggestions? (from what I see in the forums, “thesacredpath” is like the yoda for all wordpress/CSS dilemmas! :)


    Yoda… heh! I like that.

    There is no way to add code to the CSS so that is out. Code would have to be added to the underlying theme PHP files, and that is not allowed since this is a multi-user platform and we all share the same files.

    You might try doing a search on the internet to see if there are any other services like that one.



    Good Morning, Yoda –

    It looks like the photo hosting site has been cleared because it is back up and running. So my lovely photo carousel is working again. I’m hoping it will be safe to stick with them.




    If they are back up then it would certainly seem to say that no issues were found. I think you will be fine with them.

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