How to change fonts in post and get rid of stat counter?

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    I am new to WordPress. I am using the Twenty Twelve theme here
    and have bought the upgrade for CSS. I am wondering:

    1) How to I go about unbolding the ‘Uncategorised’ and ‘Leave a reply’ at the end of each post? I have managed to unbold the date 19 August 2012 but I can’t do it for the rest.

    2) How do I change ‘Leave a reply’ to ‘Leave a comment?’ I’ve went to Dashboard > Settings > Discussion > Comment Form and put in ‘Leave a comment’ in the box, hit save, but I still see ‘Leave a reply’ on my blog.

    3) How do I get rid of the grey, invisible-ish stat counter near the top of my blog (towards the left)?

    Here is some of my CSS code:

    .entry-title {
    .entry-date {

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is


    1. Try this:

    .entry-header, .leave-reply {
    font-weight: 400

    I deleted most of that on my blog, so don’t remember what it was originally. You may need to use the font-weight for .entry-meta .cat-links,.entry-meta .tag-links and play around with that.

    2. Try this:

    .entry-meta .leave-reply:before {
    content:"Leave a comment.";

    3. I think you mean the comment bubble/balloon? If so, try this:

    .entry-header .comments-link a {
    display: none;

    One of the great things about using Twenty Eleven theme is so many people have commented on coding, and searching the CSS Customization forum reveals a wealth of information, ideas you never would have thought of, and you don’t have to wait for a response! :-)

    When putting code in these forums, it helps to either use the backtick or code button before and after.

    Hope that helps!


    I knew I’d find my bookmark! :-)

    This is the search I use – I find google easier and more specific than searching the forums directly:

    twenty eleven CSS

    As needed, I change “CSS” to “Widget” or whatever else.


    Thanks for this! I tried out your suggestions:

    1) This is great, but as you can see on my blog, only the ‘Leave a reply’ is unbolded. The ‘Uncategorised’ is still bolded. How can I unbold this?

    2) Somehow worked, but ‘Leave a reply’ is still present. Can it be made invisible? Also, how can I change the ‘1 Reply’ to ‘1 comment’?

    3) I was actually referring to the stats hovering above the my blog that shows how many people visited my site.

    Thank you!


    1 – Try this:

    .entry-meta a {
        font-weight: normal;

    2. I’m sorry, I missed some of the code!

    Try this:

    .entry-meta .leave-reply {
    .entry-meta .leave-reply:before {
    	content:"Leave a comment";

    3 – Sorry, I still don’t know what you mean. I don’t see any such thing on your blog, and don’t see it on mine (same theme) either. Could it be a widget? Could you take a screen shot, and post it to your blog?

    I’m playing with changing the “replies” to “comments” – if I figure it out, I’ll come back and give you the code. :-)


    1) Works like a charm!

    2) This also works and now I only see ‘Leave a comment’. However, when I mouse over ‘Leave a comment’, there is a very long blue line that comes up under this link. Is there any way to shorten this link so it only appears under ‘Leave a comment’?

    3) I’ve screen shot this and circled it in red on my blog :)

    Thank you!


    What version of Firefox are you using?

    When I mouse over the “Leave a comment” (or anything else) in your blog in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, the underline is the exact length of the words, and not any longer. I don’t know what could be causing you to see it differently.

    Thank you for the photo! In your photo, I am seeing there is a faint “15” and arrows and lines, hovering just over the date. On your blog itself, in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, I’m not seeing it.

    I wonder if you are using some Firefox Add-on that is causing it, showing the underlying code, since that is what it seems to be? And perhaps also causing the underline to appear longer?

    I think the “Replies” when we do get comments may be part of the php, which we can’t edit. I can’t find any way at all to get to that, to change it to “Comments”.

    Sorry I couldn’t help!


    Please make sure you are using an up-to-date version of Firefox—the current latest version is 14. See


    @designsimply – thank you for whatever magic you used, to fix this page! :-)


    @sensuousinkspiller – you’re welcome! It was a rogue html tag. :)


    Thanks sensousinkspiller and design simply. Turns out I last updated Firefox over two years ago – finally got it updated a few moments ago!

    Now, mousing over ‘Leave a comment’, the underline is the exact word length. The faint picture has disappeared too :D

    Ah. if we can’t change ‘Replies’, that alright then. I’ll tinker around with CSS myself and see if I can change it.

    Thank you!


    You’re welcome!

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