How to change format of Headings 1, 2 and 3 and other styles

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    Hi! I am using the CSS upgrade on my blog – – and I have these 2 questions – hope someone can help:

    1. Can I change the format for the text styles in the CSS? I’d like to change the font size and color for Heading 1 – Heading 2 – Heading 3 and set the formatting for the other text styles, and I was wondering if this is possible and if someone knows how to do this.

    2. Once I have changed the CSS Stylesheet – can I revert back to the original Theme? I tried to change the theme but it applies the new CSS Stylesheet to all themes, and it looks awful. Can I scrap a CSS Stylesheet and start back from scratch? If so, how?…

    Thanks to all and greetings from sunny and warm Montreal.




    Yes to both.

    You’ll need to find the selectors for the headings in your theme (try h1, h2, h3 etc.) and then apply font formatting code. Check out this tutorial:

    To change back to the original theme, simply delete everything from the CSS editing box (SAVE IT SOMEWHERE ELSE!) and click on ‘Save Changes’.



    rosclarke – merci beaucoup!

    There does not seem to be selectors in the Chaos Theme for Headings 1, 2 and 3. I changed all font size-color with no luck to change the Paragraph formatting for Headings 1-2-3. Any tip will be appreciated. I was wondering whether I could ADD these to the Stylesheet.

    Thanks for the tip on reverting back to the original theme – great help.




    The contents of the custom css text field will be applied as an additional stylesheet.

    It will override the same selectors from other stylesheets and can contain virtually all selectors you desire.

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