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    I use the Modularity Lite theme. I would like there to be one header for the home page — a large photo — and a different header, the same header, for each of the subpages.

    I know how to create the Custom Header, as you’ll see on my site. Is there an EASY way to change the subpage headers? Am I missing a tool or feature that is built right in to the theme or WordPress?

    If I have to do any code work, I’m sunk. Unless someone walks me though it or does it for me.

    The blog I need help with is


    This can’t be done on all themes here, but with the newer themes it can, but it would require the CSS upgrade and at least a little CSS editing experience.

    There are only two of us here generally that answer CSS questions, and we are not always around, so you might not get immediate help. You would just have to be patient.


    In a few themes (not including Modularity Lite) it can be done by setting a featured image:

    In Modularity Lite it can be done without the CSS upgrade, by inserting a regular image and moving it upwards. Create a 950×202 px image, upload it and insert it at the beginning of the page, then change its code from this:
    <img src=[etc etc etc]
    to this:
    <img style="position:relative;top:-294px;margin-bottom:-220px;" src=[etc etc etc]



    I’ll give that a try, panaghiotisadam. Just to be sure, if I want different ‘headers’ in my site, I can do it via inserting images, rather than via the Custom Header function, which creates a uniform header for the entire site (which is not what I want).

    Good practical solution, if that’s what your saying.

    At the risk of sounding really stupid, when you write “… then change its code from this … to this…”, are you talking about dropping that code in the box where I would type in copy? Or do I have to open an html version of what I’m working on and make the change.

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