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How to change my domain name?

  1. OK, if I can't get a refund on my domain I'm OK with that. Rules are rules.

    However, I still want to buy a new domain. I go to "manage my blogs" and then I click "register another blog," which takes me to the page with "Get another blog in seconds" at the top.

    Then I fill out the registration page, choosing (not the free option) and click "Create Blog". This redirects me right back to the "Get another blog in seconds."

    It's taking me in circles and really frustrating me! I just want to buy another domain now!

    Please advise!

  2. @atasteoftoronto: I can see you created a separate topic:

  3. Why do they even put that option to change your domain name if the tool is unavailable, when they charge yearly for it. rip off and frustrating. what email should you use to contact support? Anyone ? Thanks.

  4. @myfamilyrecipecollection: "Domain name" is used interchangeably by people to refer to one or two things:
    - it can refer to the portion before "" in your address (which is free and has always been), and which for the moment, cannot be changed.
    - it can also refer to your own domain name registration, ending only in .com, .net,, .fr, etc. That's never been free of charge. No rip-off here.

    If you'd like to voice your concerns to staff (which I'm not): [email redacted]

  5. @airodyssey Yes, I created a seperate topic because my issue no longer falls under the topic "How to change my domain name?" but is now about the problem I am having creating a new domain.

  6. myfamilyrecipecollection,

    I agree. The worst part is, I even contacted support and it's an indefinite unavailability. What the hell? They don't know when it's going to be back up, and they don't give you any other explanation. It's absolutely ridiculous. Plus, they don't tell you that that option isn't available period, if you buy a registered domain.


    Thanks for starting that new thread. If they do say that you can get a completely new registered domain for only $5, that would be awesome. I wish the instructions for using and registering personal domains like were clearer!

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