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How to change my domain name?

  1. The current domain name is but is it possible to change it to something else? I really want to change it to

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes, you can buy another domain name via purchasing another domain mapping upgrade.

  3. Is buying another domain the only way? Is there no way to change it?

  4. There's no way to get rid of the part of your URL without the paid upgrade.

  5. There are two "domain name" systems involved. One is just at and involves the name you have right before their name, such as "" (mine). The internet's "domain name" system is where all these companies and many people get their websites, such as "" or "" and "". Unfortunately, the internet's domain registration system simply has no means to change a domain name. You buy it, you get it, where it is that specific name. You want another, you buy another. I happen to own 8 domains and my employer company owns 15. You'll just need to be the owner of 2 domains, now, to get the one you want.

  6. Alright! Thanks! Will decide if I should buy another. Though I find it a really waste of money to spend yet, again.

  7. Then decide on ONE domain name and buy that. It's like shirts: you can have one, but if you then decide you want a different one, you have to buy it. Since you already have the mapping upgrade, all you need is the domain name itself, and that's cheap.

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