How to change my footer text?

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    Can anyone tell me how to change it to “All Rights Reserved. My Name © 2014”?

    I know nothing about CSS.

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is



    Changing that in the way you want is a violation of the Terms of Service.


    Sorry to hear that you hate it! It’s something we decided as a company that we want to keep, and even our VIP hosting clients like CNN and Time are required to keep the credits in tact.

    You can’t remove the footer credits, but you can add your own text or modify the look of the current text as long as it’s still readable.

    To add the line you mentioned above the other footer text in the Spun theme, you could add this to your Appearance > Customize > CSS editor:

    .site-info:before {
    	content: "All Rights Reserved. Henry Heng Lu \00A9 2014";
    .site-info {
    	line-height: 1.5em;
    	text-transform: none;

    The first block adds extra text. The second block makes it so the case isn’t all upper case and tightens up the line height.





    Is somewhat tacky and classless – the old footer credits were fine – new ones not so


    Thanks for the feedback. We’re always experimenting, and does want to try new things with the text in the footer credits. Is it the caps you don’t like (that’s set by the theme btw) or the wording itself? What specifically makes it tacky and classless? If you provide reasonable, constructive feedback, then I can pass it along. :) Make it not just an insult though, because that’s not helpful! What exactly isn’t good about it?



    The caps & the wording – the older credits were lower keyed – probably not what the bean counters wanted – part of the appeal of WordPress.COM is that it has more class than some of the other platforms – you work at keeping the spam sites off here – the ads should be (OK once in a while some slime sneak through) family friendly

    Yes I do know that part of paying the bills is building the number of sites here so the Ad revenue goes up and the selling of the Upgrades also helps pay the bills, so the upgrades are featured a bit more than some seem to like in their Dashboard, but I have gotten used to the sales spiel and it does not bother me



    Thanks for the details, auxclass. At this point, the best thing I can do is keep track of any positive and constructive ideas that are posted about it.

    the older credits were lower keyed

    And just to clarify about the caps part!… that has nothing to do with the general footer text changes. :) The Spun theme sets footer text in all caps as part of a design decision for the theme itself, and someone interested in changing the caps (such as people posting here in the CSS forum) can change that using CSS if they’d like.


    @galois, the footer text should remain the same the majority of time. I if you saw it change, it could have been your local cache just caught up with a past update or you were part of an A/B test. An A/B test is a website change that is just applied for a small percentage of users to see how well it does without changing something for everyone at once. runs A/B tests often to try things out. :)



    @designsimply: I’ve tried with several browsers, all updated. And changes.
    Not that I worry too much. :)


    Wait. Aha! I see it now. You didn’t provide a link to your blog earlier and I couldn’t see the text from your screenshots changing on refresh on my test blog when I checked it. Now that I’ve looked at your site, I see what you mean and I’ve left a message to see if I can find out more about what’s going on with the footer text there. It does seem strange.



    it’s very weird. really.



    The footer text is so unprofessional and ugly for websites. Its unfortunate but we have to find alternatives options to WordPress. Celebrities like bey once don’t have footer text on which is a wordpress site. In my opinion, double standards.



    Not a double standard at all – is a WordPress.ORG install and is not hosted on WordPress.COM. The WordPress.ORG software has a different licensing agreement


    @galois, I’m following up on the issue you reported where the footer text changes. I found out it was set up that way intentionally as the text is being tested. :)



    @designsimply: Ok, then add me to the group of those who prefer the old text. ;)


    Stats in the form of numbers of clicks for different variations will probably be a factor in what stays. I personally like the Blog at line, but there is always a group that complains about the text no matter what it is! :) Keep in mind there are different configurations too, and not everyone will see the same text. I wouldn’t mind hearing sincere suggestions for different text with good reasons behind them (especially stories). I think it’s good for someone in my role to collect positive, constructive feedback like that.

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