how to change my; ‘posted by’, ‘author name’, and ‘username’?

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    I want to ues my first name only on the “public info.” on my blog. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, donedward



    * Log in to and create a new account
    * Log out and log back in to donedward

    * Dashboard >> Users
    * Type new username into box and press “Search for Users”
    * Check the box beside the user name
    * Set the role of checked user to Administrator
    * Click Bulk Update

    * Always use the new account from now on



    Go to profile, and under display name as choose the one that has only your first name. Alternative, create a nickname and then choose that one from the drop down list.


    Vivianpaige; thank you for the help. donedward



    Glad I could help :)

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