How to change my URL?

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    This might be a dunce question, but I can’t seem to figure it out. I’m still learning how to maneuver the site, but my patience has been worn thin!

    I would like to change my URL to the actual name of my blog instead of my real name, does anyone have any advice on how to do so?

    I’m sure its probably right in front of my face, but unfortunately I don’t think I am looking in the right place!

    Thanks, bloggers.


    The blog I need help with is


    The URL of your blog is . If you mean how to change the name displayed when you post a comment, go to Users > My Profile, fill in the name you prefer in the “Display name publicly as” box, scroll down and click Update Profile.



    The name of my blog is The Go To Girl, where as my URL is, but I would like it to be, is there anyway how to change that?

    As of right now,, is an empty site.


    #485744 and the /thegotogirl username was apparently registered sometime back in 2008 (May 2008 to be exact) and if you didn’t register it, then the only way to try and get it is to leave a message on that blog to see if the owner would transfer it to you. WordPress.COM does not delete or give away unused or abandoned blogs.

    The other way would be to buy a domain and the domain upgrade, but is already taken. The though is not.



    thesacredpath, thank you so much! :0)

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