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How to change name of an image in a post

  1. With the new photo placing format, how do you change a image title name, so that when someone hovers over the photo while reading your blog, the new name appears instead of the original one.

    I was able to change image title name by selecting the add media button, library, selecting the image I wish to change the name of, and typing the new name in the title box under attachment details. But this does not change the name when it is hovered over.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This has nothing to do with the "new photo placing format". What shows up in a post depends on the code of the post. When you insert an image in a post, its code reflects the options you selected upon inserting. Changing details in the media library after you have inserted the image won't change the code of the post: you need to edit the post itself.
    In the Visual editor, click on the image, click the Edit tool (mountain icon), click Advanced Settings, enter desired title in the Title field, click Update (image), click Update (post).
    Faster: switch the editor to Text (=code), change the title in the image code, click Update.

  3. You are mistaken. This has everything to do with the new photo placing format. In all my past posts, I would change the titles after adding media by simply changing the text in the title field under attachment details. This did not actually change the name of the file, but it did change the name that popped up when a reader hovered over an image.

    Under this new placement scheme, hovering over an image shows no text at all. However posts created before the change show the titles I changed them to.

    Now, while editing, if I double click on an image that has been inserted into the post, and select "edit image", the text I inserted into the title field is now in the "Alternate Text field".

  4. "You are mistaken."
    As you think. Whether hovering over an image will or will nor show text depends on whether you choose to make the image link to something or not.

  5. Sorry for the above rushed reply. I thought you meant how to change the image title after you have inserted the image (and I gave the correct reply to that). Now I realize you meant how to supply a title upon inserting. So, yes, the "nothing to do" part of my original reply was wrong, what used to become the title now becomes the alt text, and the only way to supply a title at the moment is the way I originally suggested.

  6. Justpi, Sorry I didn't make myself clear with my explanation. I greatly appreciate your help with this issue! :)

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