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How to change page order?

  1. I'm having some trouble changing page order. When i create several pages, they are ordered alphabetically. But i noticed that in the edit window, there a page order field. By default, it is set to 0. I've tryed changing it to numbers or letters. Nothing changes, the pages keep beeing ordered alphabetically.

    Please, how can i change page order?


  2. Hi,
    I'm having exactly the same problem. I would like to make a website of our journey through California and would like an introduction page with an index which clicks through to pages called Preparation / The Journey / Lessons learned. I'v tried change those number as well but no effect.

    On the same edit page you also have Post Slug. This seems to have an impact as well, but how it works is not clear to me.

    Many thanks for helping us out!

  3. The themes you may be using may override the settings that you make. There's a theme review over at I don't remember if he covers this or not.

    Usually using the widgets and putting in numbers for the order will allow you to use the page order.

  4. Change or sort page order
    Mark has provided some instruction in the FAQs blog that may be helpful to you depending on which theme you use
    Post options - post slug
    He has also provided this
    HTH :)

  5. Thanks Time Thief...

    Your Adviced Worked..

  6. YAY! Another happy camper. :)

  7. Simple when you know how - but until someone points it out to you, you spend too long trying to sort it out. But a quick forum search and a click on a link gives you the (doh!) answer. Thanks for saving me from tearing out my hair guys.

  8. Thank you for doing a quick search, wolfieb. You blog looks great, btw.

  9. Thanks ellaella for your nice comment.

    I wouldn't dare not do a search first - I've read too many of timethief's scathing comments to people who don't ;-)

  10. Yo! wolfieb I took note of that ... lol ... you're in the good books now. :-)

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