How to change page width and margin in Twenty Eleven theme

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    I’d like to change the width and margin of a particular page in the twenty eleven theme, and was wondering if anyone knows which parameters I need to change in the style.css OR better Child CSS?

    What I would like to do is have a Gallery page that is styled differently from the other pages for the purposes of including a NextGen Gallery that stretches to the width of the whole page (ie without the margins). It would also be cool if i could make it so the text remains indented (with margin), so if someone posts a comment about a gallery, the text has some margin.

    So I was wondering what I should include in my Child CSS that would make changes to my ‘Gallery Page’ in this way?

    Any advice much appreciated


    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. Since you are talking about a Child CSS, any chance your site is actually self-hosted? If so, you should go to for assistance.

    You are currently in a forum for blogs hosted by, which don’t work the same way as self-hosted WordPress sites.

    If you are not sure whether your site is or self-hosted, please provide us with the address (http://…)


    Most definitely would have to be self-hosted to use the nextgen plugin.



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    We Volunteers answer questions on this forum that pertain only to free hosted blogs. Other Volunteers answer questions on the support forums that pertain to installs. The two sites are separate sites.

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