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how to change post background?

  1. I don't want to make a permanent change. All I want is to create a different color background for several paragraphs within a post. For instance, if I want a different background color only for a quote within a post, how would I do that? What code would I use?

  2. We cannot edit the underlying code in our templates at Perhaps the only way you could affect such a change is to purchase a css customization upgrade but that's not really as "temporary" as you are indicating for a single post.

    The work around you can use that I've tried is to create an image in a program like msPaint and place the text overtop of the background colour you choose. Then you can upload it into the post as an image.

  3. Yes, that's an idea. Thanks for the response.


  4. You're welcome. The maximum sizes for images in blogging spaces in each theme can be found here

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