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How to change post title color in Comet theme?

  1. I am having trouble finding where to change the color # for the post titles in the comet theme. Help?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. ok...and where do i put that code / where is that located in the code? I know how to change the color...i just don't know where in the code to change it

  3. You would put that code into the CSS edit window at appearance > custom design > CSS. You can change "red" to some other named color, or you can use a hexidecimal color number such as #CC0000.

  4. florenceandmillie

    Yes i know that. Where specifically in the coding do you change the number or paste in that code?

  5. I told you where to paste it. Do NOT paste the entire stylesheet into the edit window. That in many cases will kill your site. You put in only the specific selectors and only the specific declarations you are adding or changing.

    Paste the code give in the other thread into the CSS edit window. Edit the color declaration as desired. Click preview to see what it looks like and then if satisfied, click "save stylesheet" to commit the changes.

  6. One clarification: if you have not yet put anything into the CSS edit window, there will be some informational text in there. Just delete that, paste in the code and edit the color code as desired.

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