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    I changed my blog from old domain to a new one ( and need to change it in my profile at How could I do that? Its still showing the old blog address in the primary blog field. My new blog is at

    I also need to add more blogs which I manage to my profile. I couldn’t find any link in the dashboard for that.



    You did not specify a blog address or reason for posting when you created this topic.

    This support forum is for hosted blogs only. If you have a self-hosted WordPress blog you need to seek help at the forums, not here.

    If you don’t understand the difference, you may find this information helpful.


    Its not related to my blog, but related to my profile. Please atleast read my post and reply.


    There is no way to generally tie self-hosted blogs to a wordpress.COM account although if you are using the blog stats plugin with your self-hosted blog, then it will be listed in the pulldown at users > your profile and can be selected.

    In general, there is no connection between self-hosted blogs and wordpress.COM. They are two separate distinct things.


    That is an automated response that comes up when people do not specify a wordpress.COM blog. We have many people come here looking for help with self-hosted blogs and we cannot help them with that, and at one point, a third of the questions posted here were from people wanting help with self-hosted blogs.


    but, currently, my primary blog is a self-hosted one. The address is, but it does not exist anymore. So, how could that be?


    If you were using the blog stats plugin on that blog, then that blog is tied to your account here. If it no longer exists, you will need to contact staff directly so that they can remove it from your account here. Include the blog address you want removed and the reason.


    I tried there, but it needs a blog URL @ and I don’t have one in the list… Any other place to ask?



    Nope, that’s the WP support contact. You could email support at WordPress dot com but they’re not going to be looking there on a regular basis.


    @tvmanukrishnan, log out of wordpress.COM and go to and then you will see a “I don’t have a blog” checkbox. Click that and then it will allow you to use the contact form.

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