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How to Change sidebar looks

  1. I would like to improve the look of the
    right sidebar with my links/text font & Color,
    Images and position from top down
    plus add some adsense (if can) and... I can't
    find the link in my dashboard to do all this.

    Thanks! Let me know your feedback and comments.



  2. Here's a html tag list that might help with certain html codes and for different fonts and stuff (scroll down):

    And here's a list of some html color codes:

  3. Mr Virgo

    Notwithstanding nosy's post above, for the most part we are unable to edit our themes to change fonts and styles.

    As for adsense, can I suggest that you search the forum for "adsense" and see some of the results that come up. I beleive there's a thread running on the first page about it right now.

    [Links added - drmike]

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