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    How can I change the post sticky color in the Garland theme?

    Is there a way to find the Garland color codes for Panos’ wordpress tips blog? I don’t know how to contact Panos.

    The blog I need help with is


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    Panos has this in a sidebar to find colors of a site anyone is using:

    If you want to ask something of him, leave a comment on his blog. You have the link.

    He’s very kind. If this is a question that would be of use to other wordpress bloggers, then perhaps he will see your post in the forum here and answer here.



    @1tess – thank you very much.

    Putting “grabcolors” in google brings up more sites to find and verify the colors. The first site in google was additionally very helpful.

    The sticky header is still blue though. If anyone knows how to change that color to something else, please let me know.


    It takes the paid CSS upgrade to change that color.



    @tsp – thank you for the clarification.


    You’re welcome.



    You can make the entire “HOME” area clickable, which is easier to click vs just clicking the word, by putting the href on the outside of the code. Plus I made both sides clickable and got rid of the borders.

    <a href="">
    <div style= blah blah blah>blah blah
    </div></a><br />

    Any ideas how to get rid of the resulting little rotating dot when the boxes are clicked? Also the right box turns blue when clicked a few times and then stops working temporarily. The left box stays white when it’s clicked.

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