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How to change tag cloud into tag list?

  1. I want to change my tag cloud into a tag list (so that all tags are the same size, one under another). It would look more orderly.

    I know it is possible on a website, and certainly in LJ - see for example here (The Only Exeption part):

    Is is achievable on WordPress?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The Tag Cloud widget will display the 45 Tags you most frequently use in a cloud format and it cannot be configured to provide the display you want.There is no other widget that will do what you want either. You can manually create a list if you wish and place it in a text widget but it will not automatically update. You will have to edit it to keep it current.

  3. I did that with my tags (manually created a list), and I think it works better for me -- and I don't find it unsightly. I also find that now that I have the full list of tags to refer to myself, I'm not inadvertently creating new versions of already-existing tags -- ones that are just slightly different. Before, I only looked at my "most used tags" when I tagged my posts, and since that also only shows a limited number -- probably the same 45 -- there were many occasions when I would create a new tag when one I'd already used would have suited just as well, and which would be preferable to having a bunch of singleton tags. In addition, because I know I have to update my tags list manually, I think I'm more thoughtful about adding a particular tag -- will it add value to the post and for any readers?

    I used a scroll box to keep the tags list from being impossibly long. Panos has the basics for creating a scroll box here: (Tons of great tips there!)

  4. If you want to see my text scroll box tags widget, it's in the footer widget area of my blog.

  5. Fortunately it is possible on! You can create a custom menu, only with tags, and then put this menu into either sidebar or navigation.
    A link How to Create Custom Menus
    Note: At default, in Menus option, tags are not present. You can use them by clicking "Screen Options" tab and then ticking the 'tags' boxes.
    Go ahead! Explore it.

  6. I used to have such a Tag list in a text widget with a scrollbox way back in 2008 but as it was not being used I removed it.

  7. I bit the bullet and removed stuff that wasn't being used, too -- I can easily become too fond of my widgets! But when I evaluated my site with a cold heart when I revamped it, I took out pretty much everything that wasn't useful & being used -- although I did add back my blogroll links, which I'd removed earlier. They may disappear eventually, though, since they aren't popular click-throughs -- I like the interconnectedness, though, and so I may leave them anyway.

    I find that now that the tags are in a list, they actually do get used occasionally -- despite being at the bottom of the page -- whereas when they were in the tag cloud in the sidebar, I don't think they were ever used. (I got rid of the tag cloud ages ago because I figured that if I didn't like the way it looked and no one was using it, it shouldn't be there.)

  8. The thing with tags, if you write about a variety of subjects is that your list can get quite long quickly. One of my clients has over 400 tags in her site, so a list of tags in the sidebar is not something I would do. The top 45 tags in my opinion is a good number, but sadly with the tags displayed in the posts going to the global tags pages, anything past that 45 is not easily accessible by a visitor.

  9. @tsp: I think that the WordPress Forum must have a mind of its own -- and think that your post is really worth reading. And rereading. A few times! (I hope it doesn't repeat my post 4 times!)

  10. Holy duplicates Batman, what happened there?

    Moderator, please remove the duplicates for me. TIA

  11. Thanks for all the tips. I'll try mmadfan's. I already have Custom Menu and it's a theme that allows only one Custom Menu.

  12. You can make a second custom menu and use it in the custom menu widget. That does not count in the "only one custom menu" thing. You can actually have as many custom menu widgets as you want.

  13. You can make a second custom menu and use it in the custom menu widget. That does not count in the "only one custom menu" thing. You can actually have as many custom menu widgets as you want.

  14. Okay, trying to make a scrollbox didn't exactly work. I got what I wanted, but I can't make fandom: something links work.

    Thanks thesacredpath for the tip, I'll try it now.

  15. You can also post the code that you tried to use with the scroll box here in the forums and we can take a look at it. Put it between code tags.

    <code all the code here </code>

  16. <div style="overflow:auto;height:150px;"><br /> <a href="//”">character: Amycus Carrow</a><br /> <a href="//”">character: Evan Prince</a><br /> <a href="//”">character: Ginny Weasley</a><br /> <a href="//”">character: Harry Potter</a><br /> <a href="//”">character: Jaheira</a><br /> <a href="//”">character: Khalid</a><br /> <a>character: Severus Snape</a><br /> <a href="//”">character: Teddy Lupin</a><br /> <a>fandom: Baldur's Gate</a><br /> <a>fandom: Children of Hurin</a><br /> <a>fandom: Dune</a><br /> <a>fandom: Forgotten Realms</a><br /> <a>fandom: Harry Potter</a><br /> <a>fandom: Inheritance</a><br /> <a>fandom: Lord of the Rings</a><br /> <a>fandom: Silmarillion</a><br /> <a>fandom: Star Wars</a><br /> <a>fandom: Temeraire</a><br /> <a>fandom: Witcher</a><br /> <a href="//”">game: Angband</a><br /> <a href="//”">game: NWN</a><br /> <a href="//”">game: Oolite</a><br /> <a href="//”">game: roguelike</a><br /> <a href="//”">game: Sacred</a><br /> <a href="//”">pairing: Harry/Ginny</a><br /> <a href="//”">pairing: Jaheira/Khalid</a><br /> <a href="//”">rp: D&D</a><br /> <a href="//”">story era: during DH</a><br /> <a href="//”">story era: post-DH</a><br /> <a href="//”">story status: drabble</a></p> <p>-----------------------<br /> <br /> Tag List<br /> </div><br /> </p> <p>Note: what is <a> in front of the fandom tags was </a><a href="the right link to the tag taken off the tag cloud"> For some reason, all the others worked fine and those ones disappeared.<br /> Strona Tag List jeszcze nie istnieje...</a>

  17. Here is an example of my tags list. Be sure you don't put in any extraneous punctuation (it was hard to tell in your example, because of the way it appeared, but it looked as though you had extra quotation marks in there).

    It can be easier to make your tags list in the visual editor in a draft post, then go to the html editor & cut & paste the html from there into the widget.

    Anyway, here's a snippet from my tags list. You would substitute your url and your tag name, etc., for mine:

    <div align="center" style="height:164px;overflow:auto;padding:3px;"><a href="">ADMM fanfic</a>
    <a href="">Alastor Moody fanfic</a>
    <a href="">Alex Kingston</a>
    <a href="">Angus Óg</a></div>
    <a href="">AU HP fanfic</a>
    A bunch more tags here . . .
    <a href="">Wicked Tinkers</a>
    <a href="">Writing</a>

    Obviously, the list is much longer than this, and I cut out the ones in the middle. But if you do exactly this, but substitute your own URLs and tag names, it should work fine.

    If you aren't used to writing html, I recommend doing this in the visual editor first -- but be sure to cut & paste from the html editor.

    Hope this helps! (BTW, if you don't have a "test blog," that's a good way to test out things like widgets w/o having them go live on your real site -- just start a second blog called something like, and you can even import your blog posts from your main blog in order to see what they look like in the test blog. It's a good way to try out new themes, too.)

  18. And I made the box 164 px, but 150 is fine, too, just as you have it.

  19. Oh, and you have to close the entire thing with </div> -- I thought I'd included the closing tag, but forgot to.

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